Highest Awards

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
Each year at Honors Convocation held in May, graduating seniors are honored for their accomplishments, including the special awards listed below. The recipients of these awards are not publicly named until the night of Honors Convocation. Below is a preview of each award and the criteria for how students are selected to receive them.

The Clelian Award ~ Colleen Wheadon

The Clelian Award, the highest award given to a graduating senior, is bestowed in honor of Blessed Clelia Merloni, the foundress of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart. This esteemed award is given to a senior who exemplifies the charism of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart and the ideals of Cor Jesu Academy, including compassion, service, loyalty, and love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The young woman chosen to receive the Clelian Award shares the love of the heart of Christ and is compelled by His love.

Sr. Anita Marie Giampetro Award ~ Eleanor Lorson

The Sr. Anita Marie Giampetro, ASCJ Award is named in memory of Cor Jesu Academy’s founding principal, Sr. Anita Marie Giampetro, ASCJ. Sr. Anita Marie was outstanding leader and educator, who loved the girls of Cor Jesu and whose life was devoted to giving both intellectual and spiritual guidance to “her girls.” The award bearing her name recognizes a graduating senior who demonstrates the true spirit of Cor Jesu and who exemplifies Sr. Anita Marie’s generous and caring attitude in outstanding service to Cor Jesu Academy. 
    • Colleen Wheadon

      Colleen Wheadon

    • Eleanor Lorson

      Eleanor Lorson

Martin Luther King, Jr. Model of Justice Award ~ Kate Schoen

The Martin Luther King Jr Model of Justice Award honors the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who sought equality and justice for all and to make the country a place where freedom and peace would flourish.  Winners are nominated by area schools and parishes.

Jennifer Anne Metherd Memorial Award ~ Madeline Hammell

The Jennifer Metherd Award is given to a senior who exemplifies dedication and conviction for life: the unborn, the poor, the aged, the infirm, the challenged. The award was established by Jennifer’s parents in memory of their daughter, Jennifer ’90, who passed away when she was 21 and dedicated her life to promoting the dignity of life in all its forms.

Archbishop May Award ~ Anne Struckhoff

The Archbishop May Service Award is an award given to one senior at each Catholic high school within the St. Louis Archdiocese each year. The seniors who receive this award are chosen based on their exemplification of community service during their high school career.
    • Kate Schoen

      Kate Schoen

    • Madeline Hammell

      Madeline Hammell

    • Anne Struckhoff

      Anne Struckhoff

Top Ranking Seniors

Emma Nottingham
    • Emma Nottingham

      Emma Nottingham

Gabriella Krisanic
    • Gabriella Krisanic

      Gabriella Krisanic

Third-Ranking Senior
Katherine Zawalski
    • Katherine Zawalski

      Katherine Zawalski

Fourth-Ranking Senior
Hannah Wahle
    • Hannah Wahle

      Hannah Wahle

Fifth-Ranking Senior
Hannah Nicholson
    • Hannah Nicholson

      Hannah Nicholson

Athletic and Other Awards

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Athlete Award is given to a graduate for her outstanding participation in athletics as well as her excellent academics

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Scholar Athlete ~ Teresa Phillips 

The Laura Milles Three-Sport Athlete Award is given in honor of Laura Milles, Class of 2013 

Laura Milles Three-Sport Athlete Award ~ Claire Hite

The MSHSAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations gives an Award of Excellence to individuals from each Missouri High School for exemplary display of sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity.

MSHSAA Sportsmanship Award ~ Angela Auck 

Each year the state of Missouri recognizes the top 100 high school seniors for their academic excellence, leadership, and co-curricular activities.

Missouri Scholars 100 ~ Regan Miller

Outstanding Student Awards

The Outstanding Student Award is given to a senior in each department. The departments give the award to a student who exhibits, not only high academic achievement but also curiosity in the subject, resilience and perseverance. These students work hard and go above and beyond, bringing enthusiasm and determination with them to the class. The members of each department decide on the winners of this award as a team.

Outstanding Student in Music ~ Anne Struckhoff

Outstanding Student in Visual Art ~ Emma Mohrmann

Outstanding Student in Theatre ~ Grace Albrecht & Sarah Caffey

Vivan Pasetti Drama Award ~ Anna Gassett

Outstanding Student in Theology ~ Claire Tiffin

Outstanding Student in Foreign Language

    French ~ Cecilia Brannan

    Latin ~ Kaitlyn Esson

    Spanish ~ Matilda Glascock

Outstanding Student in Life Sciences ~ Kate Swyers

Outstanding Student in Physical Sciences ~ Hannah Nicholson

Outstanding Student in Mathematics ~ Hannah Wahle

Jane Laurentius Award for Excellence in English ~ Margaret Reilly

Clare Furay Writing Award ~ Emma Nottingham

Excellence in Social Studies ~ Kathleen Godar

Sr. Mary Grimi Award for Excellence in American History ~ Claire Heggie

Dr. William A. Joern Outstanding Student in Independent Science Research Award ~ Gabriella Krisanic

National Merit Scholarship Program


Hannah Nicholson (also received a perfect ACT score)
Emma Nottingham (also received a perfect ACT score)


Matilda Glascock
Margaret Reilly

Scholarships and Admittance into Special Programs

Congratulations to the following seniors who received full-tuition scholarships and/or admittance into highly competitive programs:
Carla Adem                       
          Southern Methodist University - Hilltop Scholars Program
          Southern Methodist University - Cox Business Direct Program
          Southern Methodist University - Pre-Law Scholars Program
          Saint Louis University - Business Scholars Program
Grace Albrecht                 
          William Woods University - Honors Program
Angela Auck                     
          Saint Louis University - School of Nursing
          Marquette University - College of Nursing
Mary Baldridge                 
          Marquette University - College of Engineering
          University of Dayton - Honors College
Nicole Baughman             
          University of Tulsa - TU’s Honors Program
Anna Blase                         
          Benedictine College - Constitutional Fellow
Katie Blase                         
          University of Kansas - Honors Program
Lydia Bohler                     
          University of Kentucky - Lewis Honors College
Gaby Bond                         
          University of Missouri-Columbia - Honors College
Erin Bozdech                                 
          Dayton University - Honors Program
Cecilia Brannan
          Santa Clara University - Computer Engineering
          University of Miami - Computer Engineering
Johanna Brewer                
          Missouri University of S&T - Aerospace Engineering
Anna Brummell                
          Missouri State University - Honors College
          Missouri State University - Music Program
          University of Kansas - Honor Program
          University of Kansas - Music Program
          University of Dayton - Honors Program
Sarah Caffey                     
          Rockhurst University - Occupational Therapy Program
          Maryville University - Occupational Therapy Program
          Saint Louis University - Occupational Therapy Program
Caroline Cross                 
          University of Mississippi - Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program – full tuition Scholarship
          Indiana University - Hudson & Holland Scholars Program
Maia Crenshaw                  
          Marquette University - Honors Program
Nicole Deutschmann       
          University of Kansas - University Honors Program
          University of Kansas - School of Engineering
          Clemson University - College of Engineering
Kaitlyn Esson                    
          University of Kansas - Honors Program
          University of Kansas - Engineering Program
Lilly Eversman                   
          Saint Louis University - SLU Honors Program
          University of Missouri - MU’s Honors College
          University of Dayton - University Honors Program
Olivia Faulkner                 
          St. Mary’s University - Greehey Business College Scholarship – full tuition, room, board scholarship
Abigail Funke                     
          Xavier University - University Scholars Honors Program
Anna Gassett                    
          Texas State University - TXST Honors Program
          Texas State University - Musical Theatre Program
           Florida State Universitu - Musical Theatre Program
           Marymount Manhattan College - College Honors Program
           Boston Conservatory @ Berklee - Musical Theatre Program
           Point Park University - Musical Theatre Program
           University of Hartford - Musical Theatre Program
           University of Northern Colorado - Musical Theatre Program
Julia Harris                       
          Southern Methodist University - Hilltop Scholars Program
Claire Heggie                     
          Saint Louis University - SLU Honors Program
Grace Hughes                    
          Saint Louis University - Nursing Program
Emily Irvine                         
          Saint Louis University - Nursing Program
Elizabeth Klaesner           
          Maryville University - Dean’s Nursing Scholars Program
          Marquette University - College of Nursing
Katie LaChance                 
          University of Missouri-Columbia - Honors Program
Marissa Lesko                   
          Saint Louis University - Nursing Program
Margaret Mansfield                       
          Saint Louis University - Business Scholars Program
          Saint Louis University - Accounting Scholars Program
          Saint Louis University - Pre-Law Scholars Program
          Indiana University - Direct Admit to Kelley School of Business
Madeleine Mather             
          University of Nebraska-Omaha - UNO Honors program
Elle Martirez                        
          Saint Louis University - Occupational Therapy Program
Efthimia McCullison                     
          Temple University - Honors Program
Sarah McDowell                
          Creighton University - College of Nursing
          Xavier University - School of Nursing
          Loyola University-Chicago - Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing
          Marquette University - College of Nursing
          Saint Louis University - School of Nursing
Isabel McKeen                  
          Oklahoma City University - Dance Program
          Chapman University - Dance Program
Regan Miller                      
          The University of Tulsa - Presidential Scholarship – full tuition, room & board
          University of Missouri – Kansas City - 6-year Medical Program
Emma Mohrmann              
          Dartmouth University - College of Arts & Sciences
          University of Michigan - Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
          Tufts University - School of the Museum of Fine Arts
          Princeton University - College of Art
          Washington University - College of Art
Lauren Muhr                                   
          Marist College - Honors Program
Katie Naunheim                 
          Saint Louis University - Business Scholars Program
Caitlyn Newhouse            
          University of Massachusetts - College of Nursing
          Belmont University - Gordon E. Inman College of Nursing
          Bradley University - College of Nursing
          Missouri State University - Honors College
          University of Evansville - College of Nursing
          University of Missouri – Kansas City - Health Sciences
Hannah Nicholson
          National Merit Scholarship - Case Western Reserve University
          University of Dayton - Honors Program
          Miami University – Ohio - Scholars program for Engineering & Computing
          Purdue - Honors College
Macy Nigh                           
          University Kentucky - Human Health Sciences Program                                 
Teresa Phillips                   
          Missouri University of S&T - Freshman Electrical Engineering
          Saint Louis University - Physical Therapy Program
          Rockhurst - PT Pre-Admission Guarantee
Maureen Reilly                   
          Loyola University- Chicago - Interdisciplinary Honors Program
Maria Sanz-Bentivegna   
          New York University - Liberal Studies Core Program
Anna Schimpf                    
          Illinois College - IC Scholars Honor Program
Payton Schumacher        
          University of Missouri-Columbia - Journalism Program
Carolyn Sinak                   
          Maryville University - Speech Pathology Program
Katie Smith                         
          Indiana University - Kelley School of Business
Audrey Stanard               
          University of Missouri-Columbia - Walter Williams Scholars Program
Megan Tensing                  
          Saint Louis University - Occupational Therapy Program
Claire Tiffin                       
          University of Arkansas - Honors College
Alexandra Tom                 
          Arizona State University - Barrette Honor’s College
          Arizona State University - Nursing Program
Hannah Tracy                    
          Butler University - Journalism Program
          Boston University - First-Year Student Outreach Project
Hannah Wahle                  
          Purdue University - Honors College
          Miami University Ohio - University Academic Scholars Program
          University of Kansas - Honors Program
Kaitlyn Weber                   
          Missouri State University - Presidential Scholarship - full tuition
          University of Missouri - Honor’s College Discovery Fellows Program
          Loyola University Chicago - Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing
          Saint Louis University - School of Nursing
Alivia Wester                    
          University of Arizona - Honors College
Colleen Wheadon             
          Saint Louis University - Nursing Program
Sabrina Wilhelm                
          University of Tennessee Knoxville - 1794 Scholars Program
          Lake Forest College - Lake Forest College Scholars Weekend
Anna Grace Violette                     
          University of Colorado - Air Force ROTC Scholarship
Kate Zawalski                     
          University of Missouri-Columbia - Honors College
          University of Missouri-Columbia - Pre-Medical Scholars Program