ACT & PSAT Test Prep

After taking the Reading Quick Tips class and the three-hour reading class, my Reading score on the June ACT jumped from a 22 from the April ACT to a 29. I really appreciate the help you gave me!
–Ellen Boll, Class of 2012
Test prep classes can help a student become comfortable with the format, procedure, and content of standardized tests so that they feel more relaxed and prepared when they take the tests. 

ACT Prep and Practice

These prep classes are designed to give students more intense instruction and practice for each of the subject areas on the ACT test. The classes are three hours in length to give students the opportunity, not only to explore the subjects of the test and to learn strategies of how to approach the questions in each section but also to practice with actual test material. Each class is led by an experienced teacher, who has worked extensively with ACT prep.   

ACT Quick Tips

These short, one-hour classes are designed to highlight key concepts covered by the ACT test and to explore quick test-taking strategies that students can practice on their own to help them perform better when they take the ACT test. Classes are offered on all four subject areas of the test: English, Reading, Math, and Science Reasoning. 


Offered in the fall, these three-hour classes are designed to help students prepare for the PSAT. Classes will be taught by CJ teachers and will include both content and strategies.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Schuering
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