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A Unique Opportunity for Career Exploration

exp3 is a one day innovative learning experience which provides students with unique opportunities to discover and explore career options via hands-on experiences and personal interaction with professionals.  This program is open to all CJ students.

Plans for a safe program rollout in fall, 2021 are underway now.  exp3 2021 is scheduled for October 25. Site descriptions will be posted in late August and online registration for students begins on September 6.

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Registration Information

Registration for exp3 is via a Google form.  In order to access the registration form, you must use your Cor Jesu Google account.  

Before attempting to complete the registration form PLEASE SIGN OUT OF ALL PERSONAL EMAIL ACCOUNT(S) and ensure you are logged into your CJ account.

Registration for exp3 2021 begins on September 6.


On Monday, November 4, 2019 almost 400 Cor Jesu students traveled to one of 36 locations in and around the metro area to actively experience and explore a day in the life of a professional area of their choosing.  Thanks to the commitment, creativity and inspiration of our corporate partners, student participants were given the chance to open and expand their understanding of potential career areas, while trying their hand at specially planned experiential activities, and personally engaging with professionals.   

Watch Highlights from exp3 2019

My exp3 experience involved watching a live surgery and interacting with a team of surgeons throughout the day. They gave us opportunities to see things I never thought I would be able to watch at my age!  And I learned so much about schooling, balance, dedication, and then what is included in the actual career as well. I was super excited for this day, but it was even better than what I expected, and helped me decide that surgery is definitely something I'm very interested in pursuing!

--Elise, CJ junior about her exp3 experience at Benrus Surgical Associates

exp3 2019

Thank you to the companies and organizations that participated.