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Cor Jesu Academy


Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ

Cor Jesu students are encouraged to live the Gospel message by participating in community-service programs throughout their four years at Cor Jesu. Opportunities are available for students to join service clubs, participate in all-school Service Saturdays and join in summer service trips. Students also complete the LASTing Project service program, spending a total of 40 hours in full-time volunteer work during their junior-year spring break or the summer before they begin their senior year.

All-School Service Saturdays

Every year, students, parents and faculty go out into the community to serve as the Heart and Hands of Christ, living the Cor Jesu mission by serving others in need through Service Saturdays. 

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Freshman Day of Service

Each spring, Cor Jesu freshman spend a day sharing their time and talents with those in need at various sites throughout the community. We invite parents to serve alongside their daughters, if schedules will allow. 

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Summer Service Trips

Cor Jesu offers several summer service opportunities for students. Previous opportunities have included an Appalachian Mission trip, a Clelian Heights Service trip for rising juniors and a Santa Maria School Service trip for rising seniors.

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Christian Action Reaching Everyone (CARE) is Cor Jesu’s service club focusing on bettering our community through volunteer work, fundraising and donation drives. The club is entirely student-driven, giving members invaluable experience concepting and initiating service programs.

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LASTing Project

The LASTing Project is Cor Jesu’s service-learning ministry of 40 hours to be completed as a culminating project following a semester of social-justice learning and in keeping with Catholic Social Teachings. 

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All-School Service Saturdays

The 2022-23 service dates are:
November 12, 2022
March 4, 2023

Sign-up sheets will be posted on the Campus Ministry bulletin board two weeks before each date.

If you would like to volunteer to chaperone, you may contact Mrs. April Remiger at or use the link below (requires login). You may also ask your daughter to sign you up once the sign-up sheets have been posted. 

Service Saturday is open to the whole school. It is a day for students to sign up either in groups or by themselves to offer their time for a few hours at a local charitable organization around St. Louis. You will need to fill out a general permission slip to participate.  We will have parent or teacher chaperones at each site, so feel free to ask your teachers or a parent to join you in serving the community. 


Cor Jesu students participate in the All-School Service Saturday


Freshman Day of Service

Our annual Day of Service for CJA's freshman class is scheduled for Friday, April 21, 2023We would love to have parents serve alongside their daughters, if schedules will allow. We especially need parents to serve as chaperones and as drivers to transport students to and from the service sites. We would appreciate your presence for the entire school day as this will allow us more service time at our sites.

More details will be available at a later date.

Cor Jesu Freshman on their annual service day


Summer Service Trips

Every year, Cor Jesu’s Campus Ministry team arranges a series of service trips to underserved areas in which students serve alongside fellow Apostle groups. Past trips have sent students to Appalachia to complete home improvement projects, Pennsylvania to work with children and adults with developmental challenges and New York City to work with elementary school students.

Appalachian Mission Trip

Spend time interacting with families and learning lessons that will enrich your faith and build character for the rest of your lives. The trip is organized through the Appalachian Service Project. Scheduled for July 2023, Cor Jesu volunteer students, parents and faculty members travel in vans from Cor Jesu to an Appalachian town in Kentucky or Tennessee about 7-8 hours away. Spend the week working with a family on making their home WARMER, SAFER and DRIER while also having the opportunity to form a relationship with this family.

In addition to working with the family on home repairs, the week includes time for prayer, reflection and community events, including a cultural night and a visit to a nearby park or local gathering place.  There will be other school or church groups to mingle with as well.  There is free time every day/night to hang out or walk around and visit local ice cream or burger shops—or whatever might be around the local area.

The ASP volunteer fee is $350 plus van rental and gas. This cost is offset by TWO fundraisers – Penny Queen/Mission Week in February and Mission Trivia Night in January.  Typically the cost per parent or student does not exceed $300. All trip fees will be collected via the student’s Blackbaud Tuition Management (formerly SMART) account. The first installment will be applied to her account at time of sign up. If money is an issue, please contact Mrs. April Remiger individually.

To make this trip happen, we need adult chaperones - close family members as long as they are 19 years or older OR CJA faculty.  if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mrs. Remiger.

For more information or to sign up, please click on the link below. You will be required to login in to the Cor Jesu portal.

ASP Mission Trip Information and Sign Up


CJ Students volunteer on the ASP Summer Service Trip



Christian Action Reaching Everyone

Open to all students, CARE. members work to improve the community through in-house service. We invite upper-classmen as leaders in order to give underclassmen guidance and opportunities to complete service without needing to drive off campus. Members are required to attend four general meetings per year and be active on service committees during the year.

CARE programs include:  

  • Katie’s Krew: makes sandwiches for St. Patrick’s Center
  • Mother’s Helpers: makes blankets for children of women who live in poverty
  • Dress Down Days: raises funds for Cor Jesu service days and projects
CJ Students volunteer at St. Patrick Center


LASTing Project

As part of the Theology curriculum at Cor Jesu, juniors participate in the LASTing Project. Living As Sacraments Today is a service learning program designed to explicate Catholic social teaching and inspire a commitment to live out the command Christ gave to us, to love one another as He loved us, as adults in the Church.

The program includes 40 hours of volunteer service to a community organization, written reflections during the service experience, practicing the Lectio Divina, interviewing a member of the volunteer organization and sharing experiences with classmates during a roundtable discussion.

The service project begins in the Spring of junior year and must be completed before the start of senior year.

The LASTing project allowed me to connect with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Each person has a valuable story, and this experience allowed me to appreciate everyone’s individual backgrounds and beliefs. While serving, I realized how many people just need someone to talk to or a simple compliment. My goal transformed from giving people tangible items to acknowledging their worth and valuing their individual stories.

-Samantha '22, CJA student

*IMPORTANT: Parents who help out with school functions must have attended or completed a Protecting God's Children workshop or Virtus.