Penny Queen

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
Penny Queen 2019 week is February 8th-15th. The fundraising begins on Friday, February 8th at exactly 2:40 p.m and ends on Friday, February 15that exactly 1:40 p.m.
2019 Penny Queen Teams
Penny Queen teams were chosen to represent their classes for this worthy endeavor and have been working hard to ensure the success of Penny Queen. 
 Maggie Mansfield
Caroline Martin
Megan Tensing
 Nora Stark
Margaret Joplin
Claire Jumper
 Alyssa Westhoff
Caroline Wolosick
Nicole Klein
Ella Funke
Ginny Jost
Samantha O'Leary


The Penny Queen Charities Cor Jesu will be supporting are:

Medicine for Mali:
Medicine for Mali is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to improve the lives of those in Mali,
Africa through medical aid, education, public health, micro-finance loans, and clean water. MFM helps
those who live in the poor, remote, and forgotten section of Mali. This organization has the power to
change lives and reach out to those who need it the most. 

June Jessee Memorial Foundation:
Despite her many physical limitations and her brief time in this world, June Jessee’s impact knew
no bounds and her spirit lives on in the lives she touched. The June Jessee Memorial Foundation is
dedicated to the life and legacy of June in support of other brave children and families battling
devastating medically complex, neurological conditions. By connecting parents and caregivers with local
resources, helping them navigate a complicated healthcare landscape, relieving some of the
financial burden and providing an empathetic ear, we aim to strengthen families with children like
June, enabling them to spend more time listening to, learning from and loving their sweet angels.
We will also be sponsoring:
Our Students' Summer Service Trip
On June 16-22, 2019 Cor Jesu students participating in this year’s summer service trip will be working to make homes safer, warmer, and drier for people living in extreme poverty in the Appalachian mountains.  
The Apostles of the Sacred Heart mission
These charities will each receive a percentage of the money we raise during Penny Queen Week. Additionally, a percentage will go to the CJ Endowment fund, which contributes over $100,000 each year to CJ families in need of assistance with tuition.
Friday, February 8
Special Notes Flyer
Freshmen Half Baked Cookie Dough Truck 2:20-3:30 pm Circle Drive Percentage of Profit Download Flyer
Seniors Pasta Dinner 5:30-7 pm $7 CJ Cafe Download Flyer
Seniors Mr. Penny Queen 7-9 pm $10 CJ Auditorium Download Flyer
Saturday, February 9
Freshmen Middle School Trivia Night 6:30-8:30 pm $10 CJ Cafe Download Flyer
Sophomores Ice Skating 7-8:30 pm $10 Webster Groves Rec Plex
33 E Glendale Rd
Download Flyer
Juniors CycleBar Creve Coeur
25 people reserved;
presale; 24 hour
advanced notice
Seniors Co-Ed Dodgeball 1-3:30 pm $4/person CJ Auditorium Sign up as team Download Flyer
Sunday, February 10
Sophomores Profit Share: Which Wich 2-9 pm 11935 Manchester Rd Bring in Flyer
Cancelled Due to Weather
Download Flyer
Juniors Upper Limits Rock Climbing 10:30 am - 12:30 pm $25 1874 Lackland Hill Pkwy Waiver must be filled out in order to participate Download Flyer
Monday, February 11
Sophomores Pottery Hollow 5-7 pm CJ Receives 20% of profits
Bring in Flyer
Download Flyer
Juniors Domino's Pizza at Lunch CJ Lunch 2 slices for $5
1 slice for $3
CJ Cafe Download Flyer
Tuesday, February 12
Freshmen Profit Share: Bread Co 4 - 8 pm 99 Grasso Plaza Bring in Flyer and Mention CJ Download Flyer
Sophomores Kona Ice Truck 2:40 pm CJ Circle Drive CJ receives percentage of profits Download Flyer
Juniors Profit Share: Mod Pizza 10:30 am - 9 pm 338 S. Kirkwood Rd CJ receives 20% of profits
Mention CJ
Seniors Walking Taco Lunch CJ Lunch $4 CJ Cafe  
3-4 pm 
CJ Auditorium Download Flyer
Wednesday, February 13
Freshmen Profit Share: Coldstone Creamery 4-8 pm 7 Ronnie's Plaza Mention CJ
Freshmen Profit Share: Nail Pro 4-7 pm 12119 Manchester Rd Mention CJ
Sophomores Profit Share: Bread Co 4-8 pm 99 Grasso Plaza Bring in Flyer Download Flyer 
Sophomores Profit Share: Lavish Nail Spa 2:45-7:30 pm 79 Grasso Plaza Bring in Flyer Download Flyer
Sophomores Cane's Chicken CJ Lunch 3 for $5 CJ Cafe
Juniors Profit Share: Raising Cane's 3-9 pm 1034 S Kirkwood Rd Mention CJ
Juniors Irish Dancing Lesson 3-4 pm $7 CJ Auditorium Download Flyer
Seniors Pancake Breakfast 7-8:30 am $5 CJ Cafe Download Flyer
Seniors Profit Share: Chick-Fil-A 4pm - close 10706 Sunset Hills Bring in Flyer Download Flyer
Thursday, February 14
Freshmen Profit Share: Raising Cane's 4-10 pm 1034 S Kirkwood Rd Bring in Flyer Download Flyer
Freshmen Fuzzy's Tacos CJ Lunch $3/Taco CJ Cafe
Sophomores Profit Share: Lavish Nail Spa 2:45 - 7:30 pm 79 Grasso Plaza Bring in Flyer Download Flyer
Juniors Profit Share: Menchie's 12-9 pm 98 Gravois Bluffs Circle Drive Bring in Flyer/Mention CJ Download Flyer
Seniors Boys Bake Sales 3-4 pm Various Schools Download Flyer
Unity CJ's Got Talent 1:40 - 3:00 pm $5 CJ Auditorium Cancelled
Friday, February 15
Seniors Pizza CJ Lunch CJ Cafe
Extended Day Events
Senior Waterway Car Wash $18 Coupons sold at Senior Penny Queen booth Download Flyer