Students can choose to participate from more than 35 co-curriculars, including clubs centered on faith, education, service, culture, leadership, career-exploration, drama, art, writing, government, social justice, diversity and special interests. All students are encouraged to get involved in what interests them to meet and work with others and further develop their talents and abilities.

List of 30 items.

  • Art Club

    Meetings:  Once a month

    Art Club provides students, who may not be in art classes, with opportunities for creating and learning about art. In addition to club activities, members help with school and community art functions.
  • Benin Babies

    Moderator:  Mrs. April Remiger
    Meetings:  Once a month — listen for announcements

    Benin Babies is a service club dedicated to serving the Apostles’ mission in Benin, Africa. This mission provides vaccination, care and education to young children who suffer from poor health and sub-standard living conditions. Members in this club will learn about cooperation, budgeting and the importance of service. Benin Babies is a fun club with a lot of great aspects, so come join us and help “save the babies!”
  • Bible Study

    Moderators:  Mrs. Lauren Burnworth 
    Meetings: 1-2 time a month

    The purpose of Bible Study club is to pray with and speak with CJ students about our faith, specifically through the Word of God
  • C.A.R.E. (Christian Action Reaching Everyone)

    Moderator:  Mrs. April Remiger
    Meetings:  Several general meetings each semester are required by all members. All members will participate in an ongoing committee, as well as one whole-club activity.

    Who can join:  Open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, C.A.R.E. members work to improve the community through in-house service. We invite upper-classmen as leaders in order to give underclassmen guidance and opportunities to complete service without needing to drive off campus. Members are required to attend four general meetings per year and be active on service committees during the year.
    Committees include: Katie’s Krew (make sandwiches for St. Patrick’s Center), Mother’s Helpers (making blankets for organizations that work with children), Benefit Musical (senior citizen night at the musical), Christmas and Easter drives, which collect gifts for the needy, as well as an 8th Grade Service Day. C.A.R.E. also sponsors dress down days to fund our outreach activities, in addition to performing other service work as needed.
  • Campus Ministry

    Moderators:  Sr. Veronica Marinari, ASCJ (director); Mrs. Carol Bauer and Mrs. April Remiger
    Meetings:  Wednesdays from 7:30 - 7:50 a.m.

    Cor Jesu Campus Ministry helps bring our Vision Statement to life, as we create “a caring community of young women, who accept and share God’s Love.” All students are welcome!

    See the following clubs for more detailed Campus Ministry opportunities: CARE, Respect Life, and Social Justice.

    Sub-committees will be formed throughout the year and students will have the opportunity to participate in individual events. We welcome members who are passionate about health and wellness, who are creative with new ideas, and/or who are looking for opportunities to make a
    positive difference in the lives of fellow students.
  • Classic Film Club

    Moderator: Dr. Tom Curran
    Meetings: Once a month

    The Classic Film Club meets once a month to watch and discuss films that are both entertaining and culturally significant.
  • Coding Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Margaret Adams
    Meetings: Once a month

    The coding club is open to all students.  No prior knowledge of coding is needed.  We will collaborate as a team to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript to create our own website.
  • Corde Players

    Drama Club

    Moderator:  Mrs. Amy Top
    Meetings:  Once-a-month in the Little Theater 

    Monthly meetings are filled with entertainment. This club is actively involved with the Fall Play, along with the ever-popular Improvapalooza.

    Join Corde Players to learn details!
  • Corette

    School Newspaper

    Moderator:  Mrs. Peggy Monaco
    Meetings:  Meetings vary. General staff/assignment meeting once a month, but smaller meetings throughout the month for editors and layout staff.

    Cor Jesu’s school newspaper, The Corette, is an extra-curricular opportunity for students to develop communications skills that allow a public forum for student expression through individual writing styles, voice, design, and photography.  Four issues are digitally produced each year, but students are not required to participate on all four issues. Staff members are required to attend a general information and training meeting at the beginning of each issue. All grade levels are welcome to participate.  Check out the website for examples of our 2018-19 digital issues.
  • ECHO Club

    Moderator:  Mrs. Kathy Grana
    Meetings:  Once a month; listen for announcements or watch email.

    This club, open to all students, explores career opportunities in health-related fields. Speakers from various health professions present career information during monthly meetings.
  • First Robotics Team

    Moderator: Mrs. Beth Hilton
    Meetings: Listen for announcements

    As members of the Robotics Team, students brainstorm, create and build their own robot to meet design criteria and compete with other schools in FIRST competitions. In the process, the girls work collaboratively, while increasing their STEM confidence and ability.
  • Health and Wellness Club

    Moderators: Ms. Rachel Brcic, Ms. Laura Gantner and Mrs. Lou Oswald
    Meetings: Look for email announcements

    The Health & Wellness Club is a student organization at Cor Jesu whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate and maintain interest in wellness and social issues. The mission of the Health & Wellness Club is to promote education and advocacy for health and wellness issues that affect the lives of the students of CJ and the community at large.

    SUCH TOPICS WILL LIKELY INCLUDE: Red Ribbon Week (discussing and preventing drug and alcohol abuse), Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week, Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Positive Thinking Day, Stress Management and Confidence/Self-Esteem.
  • History Club

    Moderator:  Ms. Jennifer Ahrens
    Meetings:  Listen for announcements

    The CJA History Club (a chapter of the National History Club) meets for one hour after school one day each month. Our plans for this year include at least three field trips! Possibilities include: a spring trip to the Renaissance Fair in St. Charles, the St. Louis Art Museum or Missouri History Museum to see the artifacts, or a film at the theater. Perhaps we’ll take a train ride to Springfield to visit Abraham Lincoln, or take an excursion on a river boat and a tour of a local lock and dam. The possibilities are endless! Bring your love for all things historical — we look forward to seeing you!

  • Japanese Culture Club

    Moderators: Mr. Mark Tueth and Dr. Tom Curran
    Meetings: Third Friday of every month in the Little Theatre

    The Japanese Culture Club learns about Japanese Culture and anime fandom. Whether you know everything about Japan’s culture or nothing at all, our doors are always open. Everyone is welcome!
  • Language Clubs


    Moderators:  Language teachers
    Meetings:  Listen for announcements

    Language clubs have 1-2 meetings per month, and sometimes an additional activity planned. Activities include parties at Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Saturnalia, and also field trips to local ethnic restaurants. 
  • Litteratae

    The Literary Society of Cor Jesu Academy 

    Moderator:  Dr. Elise Aasgaard
    Meetings:  Listen to announcements

    Litteratae meets monthly to discuss favorite books, stories, poems, authors and cultural topics in a friendly, fun, and supportive atmosphere. Members will enjoy visits from guest speakers, readings by authors, creative projects, films and plays. We may also organize service projects that promote literacy and that provide books to people in need. All students who like to read and/or write creatively are welcome to join us!
  • Mock Trial Team

    the “Legal Eagles”

    Moderator:  Ms. Jennifer Ahrens

    WHO CAN JOIN: Returning members form the core of each year’s Mock Trial team and coach the new members. If you think you like the law and the idea of being a lawyer, witness or investigator, and are a good organizer, writer, public speaker and/or actress—the Mock Trial Team wants YOU!

    MEETINGS: One hour once a week after school and every other Sunday in the fall until November when we receive the case. After we have the case, we will meet weekly and on other mutually agreeable evenings to compose our arguments and examination questions, and rehearse our roles. Beginning late December, we scrimmage against other competing schools on various mutually agreeable evenings and weekends. In the third week of January and February, the team competes in an area wide BAMSL-sponsored Mock Trial tournament at the St. Louis County Courthouse.

    Mock Trial is a team where, as in Scholar Bowl, each member of the team is responsible to the group to learn and master new information and skills for competition. In Mock Trial, we study the basics of the law, the basics of trial procedures and Mock Trial rules, and the case issued by BAMSL itself. We prepare our side of the trial two times, once as prosecution and once as defense. After we learn the basics of law and litigation, we will practice our new skills with a couple of “mock trials” like the trial of Jack (and the Beanstalk) Jones vs. the Giant. We plan to take a field trip to Jefferson City to see our state’s Supreme Court in session and/or see the local county or federal courts in session. We are coached by attorneys
    who are often parents and alumnae. We also scrimmage against other teams: veteran vs. rookie, our school vs. another like SLUH, Priory or Visitation. Finally, we compete twice, presenting each side of the case in turn, once in January and again in February. If we succeed, we go on to Regionals and then to STATE!

  • Music

    Moderator:  Mrs. Kathleen Pottinger

    Meetings: Chamber Singers rehearse every Monday from 2:45-4:00.
    Dance Club rehearses every other Tuesday during first semester from 2:40-3:30 and every Tuesday during second semester from 2:40-4:00.

    Chamber Singers

    First and Second Semester
    This auditioned ensemble sings a variety of advanced repertoire.  Students auditioning must be able to hold their vocal part in a small groups of 2-4 singers. Chamber Choir sings at the Christmas and Spring Concerts as well as singing for various community events throughout the St. Louis area. Auditions will be held in August for fall semester and January for the spring semester. Students need only commit for one semester at a time.   
    First and Second Semester
    This auditioned ensemble performs at the Spring Concert and at various events throughout the St. Louis area. Students interested in Dance Club should have strong dance skills and should be proficient in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary styles. Auditions will be held in August.

  • National Honor Society (NHS)

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.
  • Pen Pals

    Moderator:  Mrs. Andrea Reynolds
    Meetings:  Listen to announcements

    Every week Pen Pals exchange letters with a group of grade school students to provide a “real-world” writing experience for the elementary students. At the end of the school year, the Pen Pals spend a fun-filled day together.  Admission is limited but is available each fall to all students.
  • Photography Club

    Meetings: Once a month

    This active club is for students who are interested in learning about and practicing photography. We learn about different techniques, both technical and creative.
  • Respect Life Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Julie Hubbard
    Meetings: The club meets the second Wednesday of the month.  The board meets the Wednesday before.

    The purpose of this club is to further the mission of "Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ" through awarness, outreach and promotion of the culture of life.  The club is involved with the March of Life, 40 Days for Life, Pro-Life Chalk Day, Pro-Life cupcake day, and other events and ministry programs throughout the school year.

  • Scholar Bowl

    Moderator:  Mrs. Katie Mulhall
    Meetings:  1-2 times monthly. Tournaments on weekdays and a few Saturdays. 

    Are you a Quiz Whiz? Join the team! Scholar Bowl is an academic competition team that competes against other local schools, with the MSHSAA Tournament in April as the culmination of the season. We participate in a private school league, weekly from mid-October until early December. We also play in some individual tournaments. All students are welcome to join the team on the JV or Varsity squad. During after-school meetings, we play practice rounds and other knowledge-based quiz activities. Team members are encouraged to become “experts” in various subjects through individual or group preparation.

    Scholar Bowl is a Missouri High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) activity.
  • Social Justice Club

    Moderator: Ms. Bridget Rush
    Meetings: Activity Period or after school

    Solidarity is based on the concept that we are all part of the same human family, regardless of our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences.  We meet during activity period or after school.  Explore practical ways we at CJ can expand our worldview and compassion to include our brothers and sisters everywhere!  We will go to workshops, prayer services, etc. hosted by other Catholic Schools in the St. Louis Archdiocese.

    Please email Ms. Rush at for more information.
  • Space Club

    Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Ahrens
    Meetings: Once a month after school and one Saturday a semester for a field trip

    Everyone is welcome!

    At our one-hour monthly meetings we will talk about all things space going on around the world today and in the past. We will also work with space kits and watch space movies.

    Other field trip options include the Challenger Learning Center St. Louis and the Space Museum in Bonne Terre, MO. Beyond that, we hope to make a trek to Space Camp or Johnson Space Center in Houston or Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral over Spring Break once every four years.

  • Speech Team

    Moderator: Mrs. Anna Millar
    Meetings: Listen for announcements

    All are welcome to try out for the Cor Jesu Speech Team. There are four meets held on Sundays: October 13, November 17, January 26 and February 9. Any interested freshmen will shadow present members.
  • Strategy Board Games Club

    Moderator: Mr. Jim Gioia
    Meetings: Typically meets once every 3 weeks

    The purpose of this club is to promote playing strategy board games, including chess.  This club will provide a social outlet for students who enjoy thinking strategically.

  • Student Council


      Ms. Kate Willey and Ms. Kim Cowan

    This is an organization whose purpose is to develop attitudes and
    practices of good citizenship, provide harmonious relations throughout the school, and promote the welfare and spirit of the school. STUCO members are elected by their class to represent the ideas and values of
    the class. Freshmen will elect their officers and class reps in the fall.
  • The Green Team

    Moderators:  Mrs. Rita Ryan, Ms. Jennifer Taylor and Mr. Larry Russell
    Meetings:  Once a month

    A FEW OF THE ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Recycling paper for the campus, participating in beautification projects for the school, Earth Day activities and conservation projects. Other activities are based upon the interest of the members of the group.
  • Women's Advocacy Club (W.A.C.)

    Moderator: Mr. Nathan Fouquet
    Meetings: Two times a month

    The Women's Advocacy Club (W.A.C.) will discuss issues directly affecting women in our society.  We will raise awareness on these issues through collaboration with other clubs and service projects.

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"