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Cor Jesu Academy

Wellness Curriculum

At Cor Jesu, we understand the transition from middle school to high school can be very exciting, but also challenging and somewhat overwhelming.  As the learning curve increases, so do the opportunities to self-advocate, set goals and examine priorities. Our CCW staff works in collaboration with faculty, staff, and parents to support students on their journey of self-discovery.

Freshman Transition Program

Classroom Presentations

Students decorate the hall during Yellow Ribbon Week at CJ

Occasionally, through classes such as Health Education, the Personal & Wellness Counselors visit classrooms to present on pertinent topics such as self-care, mental health resources, suicide prevention and awareness, etc.


CCW Speaker Sessions

Each semester, the CCW hosts speakers who present grade level and age-specific topics, with one day devoted to a wellness topic, and one day focused on a college or career related topic. Topics in the past have included: mindfulness, safe driving, drugs and alcohol awareness and prevention, nutrition and disordered eating awareness, female empowerment, healthy relationships, sexual assault awareness and survivor support, technology and safety, and conflict communication.

A St. Louis County Police Officer speaks about DWI