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Cor Jesu Academy

Collaborative Support

At Cor Jesu, we recognize each student has individual needs.  That is why we work as a team to meet the needs of the whole person.

CARE Team and Learning Team

On a weekly basis, the counselors, Student Learning Center staff, administration, and sometimes an outside counselor, meet to discuss specific student needs. At Cor Jesu, we work to educate the whole person, which may encompass the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and/or family needs.

Transfer Student Support Group

Each year, Cor Jesu welcomes a handful of students transferring from other high schools. We understand there are a variety of reasons for switching schools, and we work to support this group of students on an individual basis and as a group. This support can range from the Transfer Orientation at the beginning of the year to food gatherings to chat or to individual meetings checking in on how students are adjusting.

Outside Treatment Team Collaboration

When students seek treatment outside of Cor Jesu for mental, emotional, and/or physical health, we want to provide the best continuum of care. As such, we offer families a release form so that we might work together with outside team members to best support the student during the day.

Mrs. Gantner advises students
Mrs. Larrabee shows college info to a student
Mrs. Galmiche meets with students