Student Faith Formation

Theology Curriculum

The Theology Department curriculum is designed to guide students on a journey of discovery and mastery of the teachings of Christ found in the scriptures and traditions of the Catholic faith. The department expects students will be able to articulate articles of faith but also that they will relate those to their own lived experience as Christians. Cor Jesu Academy requires 4 credits of Theology for graduation.
Freshmen: one credit - Christology and Sacraments
Sophomores: one credit - Hebrew Scriptures and World Religions
Juniors: one credit - Morality and Social Justice
Seniors: one credit - Ecclesiology and Christian Life
Elective: An optional ½ credit course for 1818 credit is also offered - Introduction to Theology

The LASTing Project

In addition, Cor Jesu’s motto of Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ takes new life as each Junior begins her LASTing Project. The LASTing Project is Cor Jesu’s service-learning ministry of 40 hours to be completed as a culminating project following a semester of social-justice learning and in keeping with Catholic Social Teachings. Successful completion of the LASTing Project is a school graduation requirement administered by the Theology Department's junior and senior teachers.

The Sacred Heart Project

Each year, the freshman are asked to create their own personal piece using any form of art to show their vision of the Sacred Heart of Christ.  In their artwork, they include all five elements of the Sacred Heart - the flame, the cross, the heart, the thorns, and the wound.  You can see the projects from the Class of 2023 by watching the video shown below.
These students chose to make videos for their projects.  We invite you to watch below.
"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

Tell Your Story

As part of the Annual Catholic Appeal for 2018, Cor Jesu students were asked to "Tell Your Story" and created a video that tells the story how of Cor Jesu students support the Annual Catholic Appeal in the ways in which they share the love of the Heart of Christ.  You can watch the video below: