Summer Appalachian Mission Trip

Trip Information: 
INFORMATIONAL MEETING:  Coming in October during activity period--Room 130 (students)
WHEN:           June 16-22, 2019         
PARTICIPANT RATIO:       2 adults for every 5 students; approx. 20 spots are available (If more students are interested in participating, more adult chaperones will be required)
It is a one week trip from June 16 through June 22, 2019. We travel in vans from CJA to an Appalachian city about 7-8 hours away. The groups are comprised of 4-5 students and 2 adults. We leave early morning on Sunday and return mid-afternoon the following Saturday.

We spend the week working with a family on making their home WARMER, SAFER, and DRIER. Yes, it is manual labor, but we also have the opportunity to form a relationship with the family that we are spending the week with.

There will be some prayer, reflection, and community time throughout the week, including a cultural night and a visit to a nearby park or local gathering place. There will be other school or church groups to mingle with as well. There is free time every day/night to hang out or walk around and visit local ice cream or burger shops—or whatever might be around our “home site”.

The cost of the trip is $325 plus travel expenses. We have TWO fundraisers – Penny Queen/Mission Week in February and Mission Trivia Night in April. We receive a portion of the funds from Mission Week and ALL of the funds from NHS sponsored Trivia Night. With that being said, the cost per student or parent has never been over $300. So, I would budget for about $300 with the first installment of $100 due upon sign up by November 1, 2018.

There will be THREE mandatory evening prep meetings to begin in January, one in June, and one midway through next semester. The first meeting is to explain the mission and background of ASP and what students will be expected to do. From there, we will have 2 more meetings to meet our van groups, make travel plans, discuss what/how to pack and PRACTICE WITH POWER TOOLS.

The FOURTH mandatory time commitment will be on Friday, April 5 from about 6 pm to 9 pm for Trivia Night. Friends and family members are welcome. The more we make this night, the better since we get to keep all money raised! If you cannot make it, please do your best to find and ask students/family to come and support our mission.

To make this trip happen, we need adult chaperones - close family members OR CJA faculty. Please ask an adult you know well to consider being a chaperone for this trip.
Mission Appalachia 2019 Application:  Click here to sign up 
October 30th  in Cor Jesu Front Office or Mrs. Remiger's mailbox
SEPARATE Application for EACH participant
                     $100 deposit for EACH participant
                     Checks Payable to “Cor Jesu Academy”
"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
For more information about the Appalachia Service Project, click here