Class Retreats

“Our hearts should be on fire with zeal to draw all souls to the Sacred Heart.”

Blessed Clelia Merloni

Retreats are integrated into Cor Jesu's Theology curriculum to give students an opportunity to reflect upon their lives and deepen their relationships with God, family and friends. Through prayer and the sacraments and faith-building activities, students grow in their faith life by building stronger relationships with God and each other. All students are required to make an annual retreat with their classmates.

Freshman Retreat: Discovering the Truth in Ourselves

We all find ourselves in a new and very challenging environment, surrounded by people we don't know and who don't know us. In this environment, who is this person that I am? Who is the person I am becoming? Who do I want to be and who was I created to be? How do I recognize and become that person?

Sophomore Retreat: Discovering the Truth in Others

We have spent a significant amount of time together as a class and have had opportunities to at least observe one another in familiar environments. This has at times led us to draw conclusions about each other and choose or reject friends according to those conclusions. In the day-to-day, we judge people before we truly know them, but in actuality what we have in common with one another is greater than what separates us. What is it that we most fear? What is the greatest obstacle to our unity? What do we want most out of life?

Junior Retreat: Accepting the Truth in Self & Others; Healing Broken Relationships

We have formed many friendships in our lifetime, particularly those that we have shared and enjoyed here at Cor Jesu Academy. In the process of forming those friendships, we have at times hurt and been hurt by others. How have we experienced relationship positively? How have we experienced relationship negatively? What can we do to reconcile that which has been broken?

Senior Kairos Retreat: Integrating Relationships with Self, Others & God

The senior Kairos retreat is an experience of Christian community with a series of talks given both by peers and adults. Prayer, sacraments, and small group discussions are all integral parts of this retreat. The 3 1/2 day retreat takes place at King's House Retreat Center, in Belleville, IL, with these themes:
Day 1 ~ "Who am I?"
Day 2 ~ "Who is Jesus in my life?"
Days 3 and 4 ~ "What is Christ's message for me?" and "Living Christ's message"

As seniors continue on to college, they will be able to draw from their Kairos experience in living and sharing their faith with others.
"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
As a community of faith, Cor Jesu creates an environment where each person feels welcomed and experiences God’s love. Taught in the charism and tradition of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cor Jesu students embark upon a faith journey of discovery rooted in the Gospel and catechism of the Catholic Church.