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The Cor Jesu Mothers' Club brings together our community of Moms with a variety of activities. Just being the Mom of a CJA student grants you membership! We encourage you to get involved through our year round Social Events, Volunteer Opportunities for the CJ community & beyond, and our special Mother-Daughter events. Hopefully through these events, you will become comfortable and gain a sense of belonging to the CJ community; getting to know other CJ Moms, along with the CJ Faculty and Staff. The CJA Mothers’ Club will provide opportunities to ask questions, receive information and learn all about the Cor Jesu ways. And of course, have fun all along the way!   We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better!

Upcoming Events

Please join us to pray the Rosary on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays of each month!

Come join us in this opportunity to pray the Rosary for our daughters, ourselves, and the CJA staff. We will meet in the chapel every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday at 8:15 am. 

Mothers’ Club Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers. It’s fun and provides a special opportunity to give, while getting to know others. If you would like to be on a committee or help out with events, then check out our
Mothers' Club Volunteer page.

We are still in need of Chairs for the Junior Ring Reception and the Mother-Daughter Heart of Gold Treasure Hunt. If interested, please sign up on the volunteer page.
Some of our Fall events that especially need volunteers are the Dress ReSale, Prospective Student Open House and Goodies for Our Girls

We are also looking for a Grade Level Reps and we are always looking for Hospitality Committee volunteers for general help.

Thanks so much for your special consideration of these.  

Hospitality Committee (year round)

Serving the hospitality needs of the school. A simple way to get involved. Throughout the year, moms
are needed to help by providing yummy treats, setting up, serving, and cleaning up at events, such as
STUCO BBQs, parent/teacher conferences, college representative lunch, as well as many other
impromptu events. To be one of our special bakers/buyers or to help with set-up and serving,
contact Marguerite Stewart.


Bringing a sense of welcoming and community to all Cor Jesu Moms. Building special bonds through planned activities, which focus on mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. Also, providing Greeters at Mothers’ Club and Cor Jesu events. Greeters provide a friendly welcome, offer directions, and answering questions to all guests. To volunteer, contact  Deanna Violette or Katie Calandro.

Grade Level Reps

We invite moms from each grade level to plan events specific to the parents of that class year. Plan fun informal events to help build community. Gather parents together for a Cor Jesu musical or sporting event, coordinate a fun happy hour, plan a special service project, etc. It's up to your imagination.
To become a Grade Level Rep, contact: Collette Capellupo.

The Marthas (year round)

CJA families may need some additional acts of kindness extended to them because of a difficult time  they are experiencing. We share the love of the heart Christ with them through prayers, making meals, lending a helping hand, or sending a kind messages to let them know they are are in our thoughts and prayers.  You can join the Cor Jesu prayer chain or offer other special services through this committee. To help, contact Jennifer Shearer.

CJA Spirit Stop (year round)

Help sell Cor Jesu spirit wear to students, parents, and alumnae of CJA!
Daytime, special evening and weekend shifts are available. If you would like to volunteer one day a month in the Spirit Stop, or for any of the special evening or weekend shifts, you can also sign up online - Spirit Stop Sign Up. You can also contact Jackie Tiemann with any questions.

Mothers’ Club Events

Attend or Volunteer at Any of Our Mothers’ Club Events

Please plan to join us for our various meetings throughout the school year for new, fun, mother-only events. Get detailed information about our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. If you are unable to attend a meeting, we’ll have information and sign-ups posted on the Mothers' Club page of the CJ Website.

Join us at our Fall and Winter Moms-All-In-Gatherings for special Mom activities.

Finally, we end our year with our Dessert Extravaganza on April 23, 2020, where we thank our volunteers, bid farewell to our Senior Moms and welcome our newest members, the moms of our new incoming Freshmen.

You are welcome to join in praying the Rosary with other CJ Moms on Friday mornings,  the second, third and fourth Friday of each month, in the Cor Jesu Chapel at 8:15am, after drop off. For info, contact Lisa Schaefer

MEET-N-MINGLE (September 6, 2019 following First Friday Mass)
Following CJ's first of the school year’s First Friday Liturgy, join as moms gather over coffee and bagels. Take a little break before dashing out, meet new friends & reconnect with old ones after summer’s break.

MOTHER-DAUGHTER BUNCO (Friday, September 27, 2019) 
Get to know other moms and girls while spending special time with your daughter, 
playing this easy fun game! To help, contact Bonnie Noonan

DRESS RE-SALE (Thursday, October 10, 2019)
Students bring in dresses & shoes to sell, and all shop the fantastic bargains. Moms organize and tag apparel in the morning and help at the sale during and after school.
To help, contact: Paula Schweppe.

This is one of our most treasured and memorable events! The day begins with the celebration of the Liturgy, followed by a delightful meal and ends with the traditional cheers by our student body. 
To help, contact: Tricia Bohler

GOODIES FOR OUR GIRLS (December - Fall Exam Week)
Lots of hands are needed for this event with the many different ways you can help! We fill goodie bags with prayers and snacks for the girls to start off the exam week spiritually and physically ready. Take part by donating some of the many treats we use to fill the goodie bags. Come help fill the goodie bags with those donated snacks. This event becomes very social as moms talk and walk round and round the Board Room table while assembling the bags. And finally, sign up to greet the girls the morning of their exams as they enter the building with one of these treat filled goodie bags.
To help, contact: Jill Burkemper.

Team up together with your daughter, and other moms and daughter friends for a fun quest
to find the coveted Golden Heart. Compete in this wildly fun adventure.
We are looking for a Chair and helpers, if interested, please contact Collette Capellupo.

Cor Jesu Events - Mothers' Club Hosts

The Cor Jesu Mothers’ Club provides volunteers to greet, set up, serve, and clean up the receptions immediately following these Cor Jesu School events: 

GRANDPARENT MASS (Sunday, October 6, 2019) 
To help, contact: Amy Goeddel

PROSPECTIVE STUDENT OPEN HOUSE (Sunday, November 3, 2019) 
To help, contact Alonna Alonso.

JUNIOR RING MASS AND RECEPTION (Friday, March 27, 2020) 
We need a chair and helpers for this event. 

To help, contact Angie Beirne.

2019-20 Mothers' Club Board

President: Deborah Brennan
Vice-President: Patti Litke
Secretary:  Emily Pike
Treasurer: Rebecca Risch

Committee & Event Chairs
Hospitality: Marguerite Stewart
The Marthas: Jennifer Shearer
Tech Team: Jen Popiel
Spirit Stop: Jackie Tiemann
Mother-Daughter Bunco: Bonnie Noonan
Dress Resale: Paula Schweppe
Grandparents Mass Reception: Amy Goeddel
Open House Reception: Alonna Alonso
Mother-Daughter Liturgy & Luncheon: Tricia Bohler
Goodies for our Girls: Jill Burkemper
Junior Ring Reception: OPEN
Treasure Hunt: OPEN
Senior Honors Convocation Reception: Angie Beirne
Mothers' Club Rosary Group: Lisa Schaefer
"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

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