Dear Parents,

We, the faculty of Cor Jesu Academy, feel privileged to have been selected to share in your daughter's education and development. It is our hope that the years our students spend with us will be both happy and productive.


The overall effect and value of any school's training depends on good order, consistency, and the cooperation of students and home with the ideals and rules set before them. While our students are with us more than six hours each day, the remainder of their time is spent under the jurisdiction and guidance of you, their parents and guardians. It is imporant that the same discipline and control be exercised by you as is exerted by us. Encourage academic excellence and insist that homework be done properly. Feel free to meet with teachers and/or the administration to settle any questions regarding your daughter's standing in the school. We ask your support in eliminating unnecessary absenteeism and tardiness, as these can be detrimental to success in school work.


The Mothers' Club and Fathers' Club provide many opportunities for your active participation in school life. Your interest will make your daughter proud of you and eager to make you proud of her.

Let us work together toward fulfilling our responsibilities to those God has entrusted to us and achieving the purposes of Catholic education.


Thank you,

Cor Jesu Faculty


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