No School on Thursday, November 15

Due to inclement weather, there will be no school on Thursday, November 15.

Penny Queen

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
Penny Queen 2018 week is February 9-16th. The fundraising begins on Friday, February 9th at exactly 2:40 p.m and ends on Friday, February 16that exactly 1:40 p.m.
2018 Penny Queen Teams
Penny Queen teams were chosen to represent their classes for this worthy endeavor and have been working hard to ensure the success of Penny Queen. 
Caroline Farroll
Abby Herrmann
Katie Neyer
Megan Curran
Sarah Darmody
Zoe Hughes
Hallie Anderson
Anna Jost
Emma Wood
Caroline Coughlin
Natalie Erbs
Jacqueline Nieters


The Penny Queen Charities Cor Jesu will be supporting are:

Cor Jesu Connection: Camp Rainbow
Local Outreach: The Little Bit Foundation
Global Community: The Snow Foundation

Camp Rainbow
Camp Rainbow allows a free camp for children undergoing treatment for, and survivor of, cancer and blood- related diseases and disorders. This camp is an opportunity for kids going through these hard times to be kids! This is a safe, no judging camp that allows kids to make positive memories and also have a relief from the everyday stresses caused by their illness. Kids will make friends that relate to their situation like no one else is able to. These friendships last a lifetime and cannot be compared to any other bond. The Camp Rainbow family is opened everyone no matter their situation. Camp Rainbow changes many kids’ lives and is a family to them.

The Little Bit Foundation
It all began with a coat and a smile. After handing out coats collected for a St. Louis inner city elementary school in the winter of 2001, a student approached me grinning ear to ear exclaiming, “My dad will be so happy about my new coat!” I’d noticed the young man arriving earlier on the school bus wearing a coat that dragged along the pavement – hardly warm and snug – and thought to myself that it was most likely his father’s hand-me-down. In that moment, I knew my life’s purpose. At the time, I had no idea of the depth of poverty over 173,000 children must overcome just minutes from my home. Children who are curious, funny and warm, who hope and dream like any other, and whose futures depend on what they are able to do with their education. But consider the obstacles they face. Many go without shoes that fit or clean underwear and socks. They come to school with little more than shirts in the winter months and go home to empty food cabinets. They aren’t prepared with school supplies or have a book to call their own. Many have undiagnosed health conditions or vision problems that go uncorrected. Some are homeless, touched by violence and constantly on the move. How much can we expect them to concentrate in class or feel good about themselves? This became the mission of The Little Bit Foundation: to remove obstacles standing in front of the greatest opportunity students have to end the cycle of poverty – their education. It’s providing for basic needs, such as shoes, coats, uniforms, underwear and socks, books and school supplies. It’s ensuring students have a nutritious meal after the school day, receive instruction in personal and dental hygiene, have access to medical screenings and mental health intervention. We are about helping students see and present themselves in a positive light, ensuring they are comfortable and content in the classroom, and uplifting them with words of encouragement and the knowledge that someone cares and believes in them. We are The Little Bit Foundation, and I encourage you to join our incredible, life-changing journey!

The Snow Foundation
The Snow Foundation is a voice for rare disease, working towards a cure for Wolfram Syndrome and developing novel therapies for diabetes, vision loss, hearing loss and neurodegeneration. A mom of a child who was diagnosed with the disease when she turned four founded it. The researchers have decided that wolfram syndrome is such a rare disease that will cost too much money to solve. However; this mom, of a Rockwood student, decided she would take it upon herself to earn enough money to research and help other families who suffer from the disease. This is a charity we need to donate to because money is the sole reason the disease still exists. This foundation has started from one mom’s determination to solve the problem, and we are an important part of solving the problem.
We will also be sponsoring:
Our Students' Summer Service Trip
On June 24-30, 2018 Cor Jesu students participating in this year’s summer service trip will be working to make homes safer, warmer, and drier for people living in extreme poverty in the Appalachian mountains.  
The Apostles of the Sacred Heart mission in Benin Africa - The sisters operate the Blessed Clelia Merloni Medical Center. It is open during the day for services and minor surgeries, and the maternity ward remains open around the clock. The center provides mothers and their babies with essential health care and education. Now the sisters have moved into a much poorer area to another clinic that is very primitive.
These five charities will each receive 18% of the money we raise during Penny Queen Week. Additionally, 10% of all funds raised will go to CJ Endowment fund, which contributes over $100,000 each year to CJ families in need of assistance with tuition.
Friday, February 9
Special Notes
Half Baked Cookie Dough Food Truck  2:40    CJA Parking Lot "near" Circle Drive   CJA Students Download Flyer
FROYO  2:40 - 3:40  $4 a cup  CJA Cafeteria  CJA Students 
Senior Mr. Penny Queen 7-9 pm $10 per ticket CJA Auditorium HIgh School Students Download Flyer
Saturday, February 10
Ice Skating 1-3 pm $15 (includes your skate rental) Shaw Park
Outdoor Rink
217 S. Brentwood Blvd,
St. Louis, MO 63015 
CJA Students, Family, and Friends Download Flyer
Junior Pilates and Yoga Studio of St. Louis 12 pm and 1 pm $15 per hour 9825 Clayton Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63124
CJA Students Download Flyer
Chipotle Profit Share 4-8 pm Must Show Flyer with Purchase 1255 S. Kirkwood Road
St. Louis, MO 63122
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
12:15-2:15 pm 
$10 9round Fitness in Des Peres
11752 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO 63131
CJA Students Must sign waiver in advance

Download Flyer
 Sophomore Middle School Trivia Night  6:30-8:00 pm  $10 per person
8-10 people per table 
CJA Cafeteria  Middle School Girls
Grades 6, 7, and 8 
 Download Flyer
Sunday, February 11
Senior Yoga 3-4 pm $10 Practicing Yoga Studio
5755 Chippewa St.
St. Louis, MO 63109
CJA Students Downoad flyer
Junior California Pizza Kitchen Profit Share During Open Hours 20% Donated to CJ with Flyer at Checkout West County 
109 W. County Center, Spc 2055
Des Peres, MO 63131
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Junior Co-Ed Badminton 4-6 pm
CJA Auditorium 
High School Students Download Flyer
Monday, February 12
Sophomore Pet-A-Puppy 3-5 pm $7 for 30 minutes CJA Auditorium Foyer CJA Students Download Flyer
Junior Boutonniere Sales All Day $8 or $10 CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
Junior Candy Grams All Day $1 each CJA Cafeteria CJA Students
Sophomore Krispy Kreme All Day $2 per donut CJA Cafeteria CJA Students
Junior Raising Canes Lunch Both Lunches $7 for 3 chicken fingers CJA Cafeteria CJA Students
Junior Crushed Red Profit Share 11 am - 9 pm 140 S.Kirkwood Rd
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Senior Chick-Fil-A Profit Share 4-8 pm Sunset Hills Location
10706 Sunset Hills Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63127
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Senior Nothing Bundt Cakes (M, Tu, Th, F) All Day At Booth CJA Students
Senior  Strange Donuts (M, Tu, Th, F) All Day At Booth CJA Students
Freshman Dippin' Dots Activity and Both Lunches CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
Ronnie's Movie Night 7-9 pm $15 per ticket 5230 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
Sappington, MO 63126
CJA Students
Senior T-Shirt Resale (Mon-Fri) All Day CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
Concord Bowling 
7-9 pm $12 Concord Bowl
1101 Tesson Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63128
CJA Students Download Flyer
Tuesday, February 13
Bread Co. Profit Share  4-8 pm  Valid at both locations!  99 Grasso Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63123
2400 Taylor Road
Wildwood, MO 63040 
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer)  Download Gravois Flyer 

Download Wildwood Flyer
Nothing Bundt Cakes  All Day  $5 per cake  CJA Cafeteria  CJA Students   
Boutonniere Sales  All Day    CJA Cafeteria  CJA Students  Download Flyer 
Candy Grams All Day CJA Cafeteria CJA Students
Senior Chris's Cakes 7:15-8:30 am $8 per plate CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
Fuzzy's Taco Lunch Both Lunches $4 for 1 taco, $5 for 2 tacos CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
Wednesday, February 14
Freshman Papa John's Cheese Pizza Lunch Both Lunches CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
ALL Faculty/Student Volleyball 3 pm $2 admissions CJA Auditorium CJA Students Download Flyer
Junior European Wax Center Profit Share 3-7:45 pm 15% of Sales Donated to CJ 12111 Manchester Rd.
Des Peres, MO 63131
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Nail Pro Profit Share 3-8 pm 10% of Sales Donated to CJ 12119 Manchester Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63131
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Senior Car Wash 9 am - 5 pm See Prices on Flyer Speedy Carwash on Manchester
13894 Manchester Rd.
Ballwin, MO 63011
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Thursday, February 15
Sophomore Fenton Bar and Grill Wings Lunch Both Lunches $7 for four wings and a salad CJA Cafeteria CJA Students
Junior Junior Dinner 5-8 pm $7 per Meal CJA Cafeteria CJA Community Download Flyer
Sophomore Mod Pizza Night Dinner Time 20% of Purchase Donated to CJ MOD Pizza Kirkwood
338 S. Kirkwood Rd, Suite 106
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Juice Bar Share 
3-6 pm 
Rock Hill Location
9849 Manchester Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63119
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Senior Boys' Bake Sale 2-3;45 pm Boy Schools Boy Students Download Flyer
Senior Pretzel Boy's Profile Share 3-7 pm Sunset Hills
3802 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63127
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Freshman Einstein's Bagels Activity Period CJA Cafeteria CJA Students
Junior Smoothie King Sale 1:40-3 pm CJA Cafeteria CJA Students
Concert 7:30-9:30 pm $10 Admission Required, Wristband must be Purchased in Advance Kirkwood Station Brewing Company
105 E Jefferson Ave.
Kirkwood, MO 63122
CJA Students Only Download Flyer
Freshman Jason's Deli Profit Share 5-8 pm 1253 Kirkwood Rd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Open to the Public (Must Show Flyer) Download Flyer
Friday, February 16
Junior Hot Chocolate/Coffee Bar 7:30-7:55 am $1-$2 CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
Senior Cheese Bar Lunch Both Lunches $8 per plate CJA Cafeteria CJA Students Download Flyer
Extended Day Events