February 2018

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Penny Queen

Get excited CJ! Everyone’s favorite time of year is upon us… Penny Queen week! A week of food, fun, and fundraising! Our amazing Penny Queen teams are hard at work this year getting everything ready for us to have an awesome time. They have so many fun activities planned for us, and I know that everyone is excited for all the bake sales and delicious lunches coming our way. But in all of our festivities, let’s make sure we don’t forget what it’s all about: charity. This year, Cor Jesu is raising funds for 3 very deserving charities. We all had the opportunity to get involved by voting on which charities we wanted to help from three categories. The first of these categories was the Cor Jesu Connection. For this category, we chose Camp Rainbow. Camp Rainbow is a camp specifically for kids with special health needs who need the help of medical staff at camp. This camp allows kids to get out of the house or hospital and have some fun for a few days. This camp would not be possible without the donations of places like CJ! The second charity category was Local Outreach, and we chose The Little Bit Foundation. The Little Bit Foundation is a charity that provides school supplies, clothes, and toiletries as well as support for families living in poverty. Without the Little Bit foundation, kids wouldn’t be able to go to school and get an education, which is something that we take for granted at CJ. The third and final charity that we chose to donate to during Penny Queen week is from the Global Community category, and it is The Snow Foundation. The Snow Foundation was founded as an effort to raise money to find a cure for a very rare disease called Wolfram Syndrome. The charity was started by Stephanie Gebel, whose daughter, Raquel, suffers from this rare disease. By supporting The Snow Foundation during Penny Queen week, we are helping fund the search for a cure for Wolfram Syndrome. So, CJ, when you go broke during Penny Queen buying food and clothes, don’t forget what it’s all for.

Payton Schumacher ‘19
"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"


Club Sponsor: Mrs. Peggy Monaco

Angela Auck '19
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