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  • BE101 Computer Applications

    Grade 9 Level 4.3 ½ credit Sem 1 or 2
    A basic introductory course in personal computers using Microsoft Office and other software programs needed for courses at Cor Jesu. This course covers hardware, software, and operating concepts. Through hands on experience, students will develop 21st century research, problem solving, and communication skills. Students will create multimedia projects, learn to navigate successfully and safely on the World Wide Web, and begin to understand the logical structure of computer programming. Students will gain an understanding of correct keyboarding technique through independent work.
  • BE250 Marketing

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    Students will integrate business world principles, practices, and concepts with real world applications in marketing. Activities will involve marketing projects, technology, internet, ethics, and decision-making.
  • BE300 Accounting I

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ Credit Sem 1 or 2
    An introductory study of accounting with emphasis on the accounting cycle, accounting terminology, the collection of accounting data, the recording of data into the accounting system, and the preparation and interpretation of basic financial statements. Topics include journals, worksheets, payroll, bank reconciliations, and the complete accounting cycle for a sole propietorship.
  • BE306 Management

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ credit Sem 1 or 2
    Students will understand the nature and purpose of business while developing necessary technical knowledge and skills. The focus of the course will be on management, ethics, decisionmaking, planning and organizing, and leadership. Students will also explore a variety of career alternatives in management.
  • BE315 C++ Programming

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ credit sem 1 or 2
    Introduction to program design and problem solving using the C programming language. Focus will be on writing and understanding programs in C++. Programming topics include control structures and functions. Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving skills will help the student be successful in this and other classes.
  • BE325 Web Programming

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ credit sem 1 or 2
    In this class, each student will develop their own unique web pages. Students will learn how to design, create, and maintain organized, cross-platform websites using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding. Topics covered include: standards-based code, aesthetic page layout, intuitive navigation, appropriate and legal content, accessible design.
  • BE330 Visual Basic Programming

    GRADES 10-12 LEVEL 4.3 ½ CREDIT SEM 1 OR 2 
    This course is an introduction to program design and problemsolving using the Visual Basic programming language. The focus will be on the concepts of object-oriented programming, eventdriven programming and designing effective graphical user interface (GUI).  Some major topics include animation, graphics, variables, and loops. Emphasis on critical thinking and problemsolving skills will help the student be successful in this and  other classes. 
  • BE401 Personal Finance

    Grades 10-12 Level 4.3 ½ credit Sem 1 or 2*
    In today’s challenging economy, students must be prepared to function in an economic environment. This course has been designed to help prepare students to develop financial goals and meet financial responsibilities. Some of the topics students will explore are: savings, income, credit, banking, borrowing, budgeting and economic decision-making. Students who take BE401 or BE401S are not eligible to take BE450.
  • BE450 Honors Personal Finance

    GRADES 11-12 LEVEL 4.8 ½ CREDIT SEM 1 OR 2 
    For future professionals who want to learn more about personal finance and how to better manage their resources. The topics include purchasing/leasing cars, home acquisitions, investing in stocks and bonds, mutual funds, retirement planning and health and life insurance. Special emphasis will be on the nontechnical aspects of these issues. Students who have taken BE 401 or BE 401S are not eligible to take BE450.

New for Summer 2017!

RubinBrown, a Clayton based accounting and consulting firm, will award a summer internship to a rising Cor Jesu senior.  For more information, click here.
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