Everyday Uniform

  • Uniform Skirt (no more than 3 inches above knee, front and back)
  • Shirts: Oxford shirt with “Cor Jesu” (must be tucked in)
  • Red or Navy polos (long or short sleeve) with “Cor Jesu”
  • Sweaters: Red/Navy – crewneck or cardigan with CJ logo
  • Navy Fleece with “Cor Jesu”
  • Navy tights OR navy knee socks OR no show white socks (no logos/colors)
  • Navy leggings with the CJ logo (optional – must be purchased at Just Me Apparel)
  • Solid brown shoes* (soft-soled shoes, Sperrys are fine)
*Seniors have the privilege of wearing athletic (tennis) shoes—any color, no 

Note: Students needing to wear athletic shoes all year for health reasons need a yearly doctor’s note for permission. The athletic shoes are to be all white or all gray.

Summer Uniform - optional

  • Uniform Khaki shorts
  • Navy polo shirt with logo
  • No show white socks (no logos/no colors)
  • Solid brown shoes (Sperrys are fine)
  • Belt

Dress Uniform

For Masses, special assemblies, etc. Days on which students have to wear the dress uniform will usually be marked on the planner; for days that are not yet scheduled, announcements will be made.

  • Uniform Skirt (no more than 3 inches above knee, front and back)
  • Oxford shirt with logo (must be tucked in)
  • Navy tights OR navy knee socks OR no-show white socks (no logos/no colors)
  • Navy Blazer with CJ logo
  • Solid brown shoes (soft-soled shoes, Sperrys are fine)

P.E. Uniform

  • P.E. T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Tennis shoes
To order the P.E. uniform or for questions, please contact Mary Kaye Mueller at mkmueller@corjesu.org.
"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
All logo items and skirts must be purchased through Just Me ApparelYou may order uniforms by logging on to: www.justmeapparel.com