Spirit Stop Store

Let’s Go Shopping!

Cor Jesu's bookstore, The Spirit Stop, features numerous items that sport the Cor Jesu name and logo. From sweatshirts and shorts to school supplies and gift items, there is something for everyone! Feel free to stop by and browse.

Special Events Schedule:

The alumnae will have special access to the shop during their on-campus 
reunions in June, then the Spirit Stop will close for the summer.  
Be sure to visit the CJ online store at www.cjspiritshop.com
The Spirit Stop hours coincide with the school day schedule and are as follows: 
Regular Schedule 11:15-11:55 and 12:40-1:20
1:40 Dismissal Schedule   10:35-11:15 and 11:50-12:30
Mass schedule 11:35-12:20
Snow schedule 11:35-12:15 and 12:50-1:30

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Spirit Stop Store, please call or email Nancy Kroll at 314.842.4429, ext. 139 or nkroll@corjesu.org.