Cor Jesu Academy Alma Mater

Cor Jesu, at your feet in blossoming youth,
We surrender our souls as you impart
Desired knowledge through paths of light and truth
Beneath the shelter of the Sacred Heart.

You’ve laden us with treasures on our way:
The warmth of friendships, pearls of hopes and dreams,
Yearnings kindled for the noblest way,
Wisdom to guide us with her radiant beams.

Reluctantly we leave to fill our part
In life – you have helped us to prepare.
Fond mem’ries shall echo in our hearts
Of fleeting hours spent in your loving care.

And when we reach the shores of our new dawn,
We will not forget your spirit true,
That of the Sacred Heart, our love’s bright flame-
Our beloved Alma Mater, Cor Jesu.

~Frances Bonskowski Saber '61

~Carol Ann Burt

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