Sports Forms

Forms required for students trying out for or participating in sports

Note: Students who are considering trying out and playing on a sports team must complete the appropriate health form and MSHAA Sports and Athletic Transportation forms below and return them to the school office by July 15: 

Only those students who have completed and returned the required forms by July 15, 2016, may try out for a Cor Jesu sports team.* The completed forms must be submitted by July 15, whether trying out for a fall, winter or spring sport. The forms must be signed by the athlete and both parents and mailed in a separate envelope to:

Cor Jesu Academy  •  Attn: Lou Oswald, R.N.  •  10230 Gravois Road  •  St. Louis, MO 63123


*For every day that the forms are late, a day will be added to the required number of practices for eligibility to play. If a student's forms are more than one week late, then she will no longer be allowed to try out.


Student Athlete Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to make information regarding athletics at Cor Jesu available to all athletes who participate in our program. All student athletes and their parents should read the manual carefully.

View a copy of the Student Athlete Handbook here.


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