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Alumnae INC 2018-19
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Barry Wehmiller Design Group, Inc.

8301 Maryland Ave. Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63015

Laura Feldmaier


Position Type(s):

Category: Engineering
Position Type: Permanent
Dates: 6/1/19
Location: St. Louis

Category: Engineering
Position Type: Co-op
Required Year of College Completed: Sophomore
Dates: 6/1/19
Hours/Week: 40
Paid/Unpaid: Paid
Location: St. Louis

Job/Company Description:

Design Group is a leading Engineering, systems integration, and IT consulting firm, capable of providing complete operating solutions for consumer products, life sciences, and other industrial sectors. Design Group provides engineering, project management, regulatory compliance, and other technology services to the world’s leading companies. Our organization is staffed by over 1,400 engineering and technical specialists, operating from over 40 global offices in the US and India, Design Group provides professional engineering, architectural and construction management services through our wholly owned and professionally licensed subsidiary, Design Group Facility Solutions, Inc.
We are focused on providing our professionals with opportunities for leadership and career advancement within a thriving work environment and a unique “people-centric” culture. We offer a robust, centralized learning and development program to improve the career experience for every professional.

Special Requirements:

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