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RubinBrown LLP

1 N Brentwood Blvd #1100 
St. Louis, MO 63105

Sarah McDoniel


Position Type(s)

Category: Business
Position Type: Permanent
Hours Per Week:
Paid/Unpaid: Paid

Category: Business
Position Type: Internship
Hours Per Week:
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid

Job/Company Description:

Founded in 1952, RubinBrown LLP is one of the nation’s leading accounting and professional consulting firms. The RubinBrown name and reputation are synonymous with experience, integrity and value.

RubinBrown redefines the full-service experience by combining technical and industry expertise with a commitment to personal and high-level relationships.

Special Requirements:

• Strong technical skills including the ability to effectively utilize technology and the commitment to learning in the technology environment
• Have the ability to meet challenging client requirements, provide services, and possess strong communication, interpersonal, analytical and research abilities
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs (Word and Excel required).
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Strict adherence to professional ethics.
• Ability to successfully contribute to the success of a strategic business unit of the firm.

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