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A Message From Interim President/Principal, Sr. Veronica Beato, ASCJ '74

Dear Cor Jesu Academy Community and especially our alumnae,
First and foremost, I want to say – I am sorry. I am so very deeply sorry for the painful experiences some of you have had as students and now as alumnae of Cor Jesu Academy.
Our hearts are breaking as we understand more clearly how many of your hearts were broken in different ways during your time at Cor Jesu. Like many people and institutions in the country right now, we feel as though we are at a pivotal moment of waking up – of truly opening our eyes, ears and hearts to the very real trauma and wounds of people of color in our community AND to the very real ways in which Cor Jesu has explicitly or implicitly contributed to those wounds.

We thank you for sharing your experiences. We know it is painful to revisit these memories and we want to assure you that we hear you and we are learning from you. We recognize the pain and frustration that our failure to adequately prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion has brought to students and alumnae. We have taken some intentional steps toward making our school a more equitable and inclusive environment, but we understand that those were small steps in what needs to be an in-depth, community-wide process of reparation, healing and education.
Our apology is heartfelt, but we also know that actions speak louder than words. We want to assure you that we are committed to making equity and inclusion a top priority at CJA. We do not have a detailed plan of action to share with you right now. We will be spending this summer and fall working with our new President and the new Coordinator of Inclusion and Equity to develop and implement a concrete plan, one to which we can and will be accountable, that will help us to heal and move forward together.

As many of you have aptly pointed out, there is much work to be done – we are aware of that and we are committed to taking intentional steps to help our entire community grow. We ask you to support and encourage our progress as you continue to raise your own voices, share your knowledge and offer your prayers.
In His Heart,
Sr. Veronica Beato, ASCJ ‘74
Interim President/Principal