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Cor Jesu is Helping to Fight the Coronavirus

While Cor Jesu’s classrooms may not be in use, our computers are working hard in the effort to fight the coronavirus. Cor Jesu is joining in the Folding@home project to map the proteins of the coronavirus.

The Folding@home project uses crowdsourced computing power to help researchers map the proteins found in the coronavirus. With Cor Jesu’s classrooms empty, our servers are mostly unused at the current time. Cor Jesu’s computing needs will still remain a top priority, but any remaining processing power will be diverted to this project.

Researchers are modeling the physical interactions of the atoms in the proteins of the coronavirus in the hopes of finding ways that drugs can be used to render the virus unable to infect human cells. By combining the computing power of many volunteers at once, Folding@home is able to perform calculations in a month that could take a single desktop computer 100 years.

Cor Jesu is proud to be able to take part in the effort to fight the COVID-19 virus.