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Congratulations to our Charger Musicians and Vocalists!

After several months of prepraration, students from Cor Jesu participated in the 20120 Missouri High School Activities Association’s Solo & Ensemble Music Festival at Parkway Central High School on Saturday, March 7.

The following students have been preparing solo and small group literature for the last few months and were adjudicated Saturday, March 7 at Parkway Central High School. They put in numerous hours to learn this music and Saturday they exemplified teamwork and good sportsmanship while creating beautiful music! Everyone who received an Exemplary Rating advanced to the State Music Festival in Columbia, MO at the end of April. To receive an Exemplary rating, a performance must consistently demonstrate true musical expression with few technical errors. The performance is worthy of the distinction of being recognized as among the very best.
Evonne Siampos     violin solo-- Exemplary
Evonne Siampos, Libby Meister, Greta Reitenbach- Violin Trio--Outstanding
Alli Leible—flute solo—Outstanding
Piano Soloists:
Mary Messina, Outstanding
Anastasia Ramig, Outstanding
Samantha Thompson--Outstanding
Vocal Soloists:
Molly Morrow ’20             Outstanding
Anastasia Ramig ’20           Exemplary
Samantha Thompson ’20 Outstanding
Amy Hohenberger ’21       Exemplary
Sarah Hymes ’21               Exemplary
Lily Kinnison ’21                 Exemplary
Evonne Siampos ’21         Exemplary
Frances Storgion ’21          Exemplary
Ainsley Burns ’22               Exemplary
Mary Nacanaynay ’22       Exemplary
Sarah Gunter ’22               Outstanding
Vocal Ensembles
Women’s Vocal Double Quartet:
Exemplary Rating:
Mary Messina ’20, Sloan August ‘20, Katie O’Neill ‘20, Maddie Massmann ’21, Sarah Hymes ’21, Frances Storgion ’21, Samantha Thompson ’20, Anastasia Ramig ‘20
Exemplary Rating:
Lily Kinnison ’21, Frankie McClary ’22, Kristin Steiner ’20, Kaitlyn Lampe ’21, Emma Lengyel ’21, Molly Morrow ’20, Emily Shearer ’20, Molly Watson ’20
Women’s Vocal Sextet:
Exemplary Rating:
Grace Lorentz ’22, Mary Nacanaynay ’22, Shannon Burke ’22, Olivia Evers ’22, Maxine Straka ’22, Kaitlyn Johann ‘22
Exemplary Rating
Sarah Gunter ’22, Bernadette Russell ’22, Kate Hamel ’22, Caitlyn Torralba ’22, Colleen Dundon ’22, Sage Gatewood ‘22
Outstanding Rating:
Evonne Siampos ’21, Christine Onder ’20, Christine Fink ’21, Claire Conway ’21, Elise Adrian ’21, Amy Hohenberger ’21
Way to go, Charger Musicians!