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Congratulations to Junior Rayna Friedman

Rayna competed in the Academy of Science Honors Division at the Saint Louis Science Fair where she received a blue ribbon (1st Place) was named a semi-finalist in the honors division and received several special awards.

The Academy of Science – Saint Louis Science Fair is a collegiate level research studies competition for Grades 9-12 and was held at Webster University on February 28 – 29, 2020. Student projects cover research done over a maximum of 12 continuous months between January 2019 and February 2020.

Projects were judged by scientists from Bayer and other local scientific and educational institutions. The judging consisted of three 20 minute interviews.

Rayna’s project was to determine if blood pressure can be reduced in the elderly population by utilizing the non-pharmaceutical complementary approach of stimulating the senses of hearing and smell. She conducted her research over the first semester as a student in the Independent Science Research course. Her hypothesis was that if geriatric patients in a long-term care facility were exposed to essential oil and music therapy for a given time, then the patients would have decreased blood pressure when compared to controls who did not receive the same treatment. Her research showed that exposure to music therapy and aromatized essential oil of lavender did cause a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in geriatric patients in a long-term care setting.

In addition to being named a semifinalist, Rayna also received the following awards along with a blue ribbon for each:
  • American Association of University Women – Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch Award ($100)
  • Bayer Outstanding Young Scientist Award ($300)
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society Award ($400)
  • Bayer Scholarship of Excellence Award ($200)
  • American Psychological Association (Certificate Award)
Congratulations Rayna on your hard work and effort!