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Looking From The Outside In

You are invited to attend this Parent Network Event at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Sarah Swafford will speak at Visitation Academy.

As a parent, teacher, coach, priest, religious, or anyone close to a young woman or man transitioning through stages of life, it can be difficult to watch your loved ones go through this challenging time. Is there a game plan for these years? How can someone help and not just stand by? In this talk, Sarah offers an understanding of Emotional Virtue, a map for navigating relationships, and a closer look at how to build up interior confidence. Being that person your loved one turns to – and does not run from – starts now.
Sarah’s presentation will be held at Visitation Academy – DeChantel Hall, 3020 N Ballas Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131.
Sarah Swafford is the founder of Emotional Value Ministries. She speaks internationally to people of all ages on a variety of topics such as: Emotional Virtue, Dating and Relationships, Modesty of Intentions, and Interior Confidence. She is a graduate of Benedictine College and has been involved in ministry for over ten years. You can learn more at www.emotionalvirtue.com