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Sr. Barbara Thomas Named Provincial Superior for the United States Province of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart

Sr. Barbara Thomas, ASCJ has been named Provincial Superior for the United States province of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart.  Sr. Barbara has served as President of Cor Jesu since 2007.  Click the READ MORE icon to read Sr. Barbara's farewell letter to the Cor Jesu community.

Dear CJA Community,

I write to you today with surprise, apprehension and excitement, as well as a twinge of sadness. Late last week I learned that I have been appointed Provincial Superior for the United States province of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, effective July 14, 2019. In this new role, I will oversee the work of the sisters in the U.S., who are serving in 34 ministries across the nation. As you can imagine, I am humbled by this extraordinary responsibility. And while I look forward to prayerfully responding to this opportunity and blessing, it also comes with the reality that I will be leaving Cor Jesu Academy and St. Louis, my home for the last 12 years.

While my responsibilities will most certainly expand, I take my commitment to Cor Jesu with me to Connecticut. I leave behind a thriving school with tremendous leadership already in place, a committed faculty living our mission every day in the classroom, and a dedicated staff supporting CJ’s programs and initiatives with a steady stream of new ideas. I will accept my new role on July 14. Throughout the summer and as we begin the 2019-2020 school year, Sr. Veronica Beato will take on additional responsibilities as the interim president for CJ to ensure a smooth transition. To assist Sr. Veronica, Sr. Susan Marie Krupp will divide her time between the Learning Center and new responsibilities as an interim assistant principal next year. Naming the next president of Cor Jesu Academy will rest with me—in my new role—and the Board of Directors of Cor Jesu, as we explore and study the needs of CJ and the best plan for moving forward.

No one realizes how quickly July will be upon us more than I. My calendar already holds a date to return for a visit to CJ in the Fall, and, I hope, regularly thereafter. Not only have CJ and St. Louis become my home, but you have become my family. I will miss seeing you as often as I do now, but look forward to serving you from the Provincial office in Hamden, CT, and watching all I know you will accomplish with great pride.

Please continue to remember the sisters, their ministries, the Cor Jesu community and me in your prayers. It is through the dedication of the sisters, co-workers, and those serving in Apostle ministries that the charism of Blessed Clelia Merloni, foundress of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart, continues to bring the love of the Sacred Heart to the world.

In His Heart,
Sr. Barbara Thomas, ASCJ