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CJ Student Wins First Place in St. Louis Archdiocese CCHD Contest

Congratulations to junior Kaitlyn Pluff whose artwork earned first place in the 2019 St. Louis Archdiocese Catholic Campaign for Human Development Creating on the Margins Contest. The theme for this year’s contest was “A Time to Heal Racism.”

The contest, sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is a tool to engage young people in grades 7-12 in learning about poverty in the U.S., its root causes, and faith-inspired efforts to address poverty. Students use their creativity to communicate what they have learned by creating a multimedia work such as a video, song, painting, or drawing. To be eligible for the contest, Kaitlyn had to create her art piece, complete required reading, answer five questions and write an explanation of the symbolism of her project.

Kaitlyn described her project using the following words…”My art piece represents the universe: it started out as darkness (as shown by the black foam board), but God allowed great beauty to come forth from the darkness and create something breathtaking. All humans are called to a communion of persons, as modeled by the Divine Trinity. The different colored yarn represents the different colors and ethnicities of the world, and they are all woven together to create the family of God, therefore forming that communion of persons that we were always meant to have. The sun represents the common goals and the light that drives everyone, regardless of race. The individual flames are in the shape of hands, each having a different colored hand inside, accentuating and celebrating our differences as individuals, but showing that in the end, we are all human beings. Differences should not be ignored, nor should they be feared or hated: differences should be loved and embraced, for we are a very diverse community, and we need to accept each other in order to protect every person’s dignity and help us to reach the communion that God intends for his creation.“
By winning the St. Louis competition, Kaitlyn now moves on to the national competition. Congratulations, Kaitlyn!