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Cor Jesu Hosts Networking Event for Alumnae

On Friday, January 4, representatives from more than 25 companies and organizations came to Cor Jesu to network with college-aged alumnae for our Alumnae Internship Networking Connections I.N.C. event.

This is the third year for the I.N.C. event, which matches college-aged alumnae with internship and employment opportunities.
The afternoon began with a talk by keynote speaker, Allison Kreutzjans ’04, a Social Media Intelligence Manager at United Airlines. Allison spoke to alumnae about her college internship experiences working in government, broadcasting, and lobbying. Allison explained how important these three- to six-month roles were in helping her identify what field would be a strong fit for her. Additionally, Allison shared some advice with students challenging them to be ready to work hard, even when the job isn’t perfect, and encouraging the alumni to be patient with themselves. The pursuit of perfection is overrated. Lastly, when life throws you a curveball, Allison recalled the words of Nora Ephron, “Everything is Copy.” Any mishap is material for your memoir or a great story to laugh about with your friends.
After Allison’s talk, alumnae worked with coaches on interviewing skills and polishing their resumes, met with company and organization representatives to network and talk about internship openings, and had the opportunity to have a professional headshot photo taken.
Thanks to all of the coaches who volunteered their time to help our alumnae with resume tips and interviewing skills and to the companies and organizations who attended.