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MLK Model of Justice Award

Congratulations to senior Kate Schoen, Cor Jesu’s awardee for the MLK Model of Justice Award for 2019. This annual award is presented to high school students who have demonstrated a commitment to serving humanity through their attitude and their work.

Kate is passionate about social justice. She researched, followed up with phone calls, and solicited support from students and teachers to sign a petition called the “Lindbergh Crossing Petition” to ensure the safety of those using public transportation on Lindbergh who needed to transfer buses. Kate is the leader of Cor Jesu’s Social Justice club and also leads a group of students who each Thursday travel to Our Lady of Guadelupe parish to provide educational afterschool activities for the school children there.

Kate was recognized at Cor Jesu after the First Friday Liturgy on January 4 which was celebrated by Fr. Art Cavitt. Theology teacher and Social Justice Club moderator, Ms. Bridget Rush presented Kate with her award.

Kate will receive her award from Archbishop Carlson at a reception following the 43rd annual Celebration and Archdiocesan Mass for the Preservation of Peace and Justice commemorating the birth and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. on Sunday, January 20th.

Kate and the other students who receive this award have made justice a central part of their life and have committed themselves "to the noble struggle for equal rights."  Well done, Kate!