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Cor Jesu Academy

Senior Awards - Class of 2022

Each year at Honors Convocation, graduating seniors are honored for their accomplishments, including the special awards listed below.

The recipients of these awards are not publicly named until the night of Honors Convocation. Below is a description of each award and the criteria for how students are selected to receive them.

Clelian Award ~ Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas '22

The Clelian Award, the highest award given to a graduating senior, is bestowed in honor of Blessed Clelia Merloni, the foundress of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart. This esteemed award is given to a senior who exemplifies the charism of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart and the ideals of Cor Jesu Academy, including compassion, service, loyalty and love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The young woman chosen to receive the Clelian Award Shares the Love of the Heart of Christ and is compelled by His Love.

Sr. Anita Marie Giampetro Service Award ~ Kathryn Hamel

Kathryn Hamel '22

The Sr. Anita Marie Giampetro Service Award is named in memory of Cor Jesu Academy’s founding principal, Sr. Anita Marie Giampetro, ASCJ. Sr. Anita Marie was an outstanding leader and educator, who loved the girls of Cor Jesu and whose life was devoted to giving both intellectual and spiritual guidance to “her girls.” The award bearing her name recognizes a graduating senior who demonstrates the true spirit of Cor Jesu and who exemplifies Sr. Anita Marie’s generous and caring attitude in outstanding service to Cor Jesu Academy. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Model of Justice Award ~ Caitlin Torralba

Caitlin Torralba '22

The Martin Luther King Jr. Model of Justice Award honors the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who sought equality and justice for all and to make the country a place where freedom and peace would flourish. Winners are nominated by area schools and parishes.

Jennifer Anne Metherd Pro-Life Award ~ Olivia Evers

Olivia Evers '22

The Jennifer Metherd Award is given to a senior who exemplifies dedication and conviction for life: the unborn, the poor, the aged, the infirm, the challenged. The award was established by Jennifer’s parents in memory of their daughter, Jennifer ’90, who passed away when she was 21 and dedicated her life to promoting the dignity of life in all its forms.

Archbishop May Service Award ~ Amy Varghese

Amy Varghese '22

The Archbishop May Service Award is an award given to one senior at each Catholic high school within the St. Louis Archdiocese each year. The seniors who receive this award are chosen based on their exemplification of community service during their high school career.

Top Ranking Seniors:


Edith Behrens '22

Edith Behrens


Maya Roukoz '22

Maya Roukoz

3rd Ranking Senior

Julia Hartweger '22

Julia Hartweger

4th Ranking Senior

Samantha O'Leary

Samantha O'Leary

5th Ranking Senior

Elizabeth Meister '22

Elizabeth Meister