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Monthly Charism Reflection

May 2022

Right before COVID started, my friends and I decided to revive CH.I.P. (Chargers in Prayer), the Cor Jesu student-led prayer group. Everyone who attended took the time to pray together at their own will. During our weekly meetings, we were able to really reflect on the many ways we can "Share the Love of the Heart of Christ" and what sharing Christ's love means to us.

For a long time, when I was stressed or had a rough day, I found myself in the middle of a park on a quiet trail. I could be walking with my mom or a fellow CH.I.P friend, and that simple act brought peace to me. To find a simple fifteen minutes to be present and empty of thoughts was enough to keep me sane.

I see beautiful moments as a reflection of God's greatness. I connect the moments of walking through the woods, hearing the birds chirping, and seeing pretty flowers to the glory of God, and to me that is the best form of prayer. The simple moments with God empower me since I know that God will always be there for me.

Through CH.I.P. I learned about other ways that students communicate with God. To me, "Sharing the love of the Heart of Christ" is not only limited to my volunteer work. It can also be finding our unique way of speaking with God in our lives and being able to share that joy with others.

What are some unique ways to speak with God in your own life? How can you share that joy with the people around you?

~Theresa, CJA student~