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Freshmen 2021-22 Registration Mtg.

Cor Jesu - Gym


The 2020-2021 CJA Curriculum Guide is available for download from CJ's website at


February 1: Registration Begins

Freshmen will meet with counselors and the registrar for an explanation of the online registration process.

February 1-18: Counselor Meetings (required)
Last NameCounselor Assignment
A-D:Mrs. Hopkins
E-K:Mrs. Galmiche
L-R:Miss Gantner
S-Z:Mrs. Zielonko

Each student is required to meet with her designated counselor to check graduation requirements, answer questions, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule this appointment.

February 19: Registration Deadline for Current Freshmen*
All forms must be handed in to the counselors by February 19 at 3 p.m.

* LATE REGISTRATIONS – Students who miss the registration deadline specified for their class level will not be registered until after the incoming freshman class has registered.