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Fall Play

Cor Jesu - Theatre
Performances are October 24, 25, & 26 @ 7:00 p.m. in the Little Theater

Tickets:  $7 in advance/$10 at the door.
Advance tickets may be purchased online through the bookstore at http://www.cjspiritshop.com/category-s/1824.htm.  Online tickets for theThursday performance can be purchased through Tuesday, October 22 and online tickets for the Friday and Saturday performances can be purchased through Wednesday, October 23.

Radium Girls is inspired by a true story. A dial painter, Grace Fryer fights in court after discovering the dangers of radium in watch dial paint. Her former employer cannot believe that the same element that cures tumors could be responsible for his employees’ illness. As the case progresses, Ms. Fryer finds that she’s not only battling U.S. Radium Corporation, but also with friends and family.