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MLK Model of Justice Award

L-R: Danielle Harrison, Director of Mission and Charism; Caitlin Torralba ’22; Sr. Veronica Beato, ASCJ, Principal; Ms. Bridg

Congratulations to senior Caitlin Torralba, Cor Jesu’s Awardee for the MLK Model of Justice Award for 2022. Each year, St. Louis archdiocesan parishes and Catholic high schools nominate those in their community “who have demonstrated through their attitude and their work a commitment to serving humanity in the broader community,” and who embody Martin Luther King Jr.’s values by serving their community in an impactful way.

Caitlin has been involved with the Social Justice Club for four years at Cor Jesu Academy.   Sophomore year, she became the club’s Marketing Leader.  She advertised events, which involved sending announcements for after school or during the school’s television program.  Furthermore, she initiated and adds material to the Social Justice Club’s first Instagram account.  She planned prayers and collaborated with Gracie Bricker, the club’s co-president, to plan meetings and discussions.  For example, she promoted cultural heritage months throughout the school. She proposed celebrating Black Catholic History Month last year and encouraged members to hang posters with paintings and biographies of influential Black Catholics.  As editor of the school newspaper, she promoted social justice-related issues such as spreads on Black Catholic History Month and volcanic eruptions in at-risk communities.

Her junior year, she created graphics for a flier for a St. Louis Archdiocese event called Courageous Conversations.  Seventy administrators, teachers and students attended this event hosted by Caitlin and Gracie.  Caitlin collaborated with students from St. Louis Catholic High Schools where they discussed topics to share with students and faculty in the St. Louis area such as white privilege in High Schools.

 Lastly, Caitlin is a volunteer for a nonprofit organization called PreventEd. Through PreventEd, she participated in a conference called “Hear Us” where drug-related issues and other legislative priorities of PreventEd were presented to our district's legislators.  Her group analyzed a statewide PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) that helps protect patients from opioid overdoses and doctors from overprescribing medications. (This was eventually signed into law earlier this summer). She volunteers as a tutor every week at a student-led nonprofit called the Literacy Initiative and plans to be a STEM Coordinator at Marian Middle School.

You may watch the video announcement of the award below:




Congratulations Caitlin, we’re so proud of all your hard work and dedication!