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Cor Jesu Participates in the Annual Youth and Government Program

Cor Jesu students particpate in a Senate Committee Meeting at Youth and Government

On Thursday, November 11, students and teachers traveled to Jefferson City to participate in the November State Conference of the Youth and Government program. The conference, which ran from Thursday through Saturday, is a student-driven simulation of state government. At the State Conference, students create their version of state government under the guidelines of the Missouri Constitution.

Several students from Cor Jesu who participated in the conference received awards. Congratulations to:

Maggie Pudlowski ’22 — Media award for her video report

Adie Luna ’23 — Top Lawyer award; she competed in the final trial as the attorney for the respondent

Kathleen Harrington ’22 — Outstanding Statesman, for her work in the House of Representatives

KatieMarie Anderson ’23 — Outstanding Bill

Libby Meister ’22 and Alicia Palatt ’23 — Outstanding Statemen for their work in the Senate


A special thanks goes to Cor Jesu faculty members Brian Hohlt, Tom Curran and Jen Ahrens who chaperoned the students at the event.