CJ’s Racquetball Team Places Fourth at State

Member of the CJ Racquetball Club Team

The Racquetball Chargers competed in the state tournament held on February 27 at Vetta Sports – Concord. The Varsity team finished in fourth place, the JV1B team finished in second place, the JV1A team finished in sixth place, the JV2A and JV2B teams finished in first and second place, respectively. The teams had individual top finishes in several divisions. The JV3 team had their state meet on February 12 and the Cor Jesu team finished is first place.

Congratulations to:


Sabrina Catalano 3rd in seed 4

Maggie Rakonick 3rd in seed 5

Ginny Jost 4th in seed 6


Ella Redmond 3rd in seed 1

Emma Carosone 4th in seed 1

Katie Pekic 3rd in seed 2

Grace Kleffner 4th in seed 2

Emma Hoelscher 1st in seed 3

Maura Peters 3rd in seed 3

JV2A and JV2B

Kat Gunn 1st in seed 1

Ella Nacke 3rd in seed 1

Meghan McLaughlin 1st in seed 2

Mia Carosone 2nd in seed 2

Ellie Wobbe 1st in seed 3

Gabriella Adem 4th in seed 3

Megan Pinkston 2nd in seed 4

Lily Trelford 3rd in seed 5

Ashley Schreiber 4th in seed 5


Vannah Fust 1st in seed 1

Lilly Vonderheid 1st in seed 2

Olivia Carpenter 3rd in seed 3

Darcy Noonan 1st in seed 4

Brianna Esswein 2nd in seed 5

Sophia Farroll 2nd in seed 6

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