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Julia Schweizer '15 - NISA Investment Advisors

Julia Schweizer '15

NISA Investment Advisors   – Intern, Summer 2016

Current Position: Accountant at Ernst & Young

I graduated from Cor Jesu in 2015 and this past year, I graduated with a Master’s in accounting and business data analytics from Loyola University Chicago. I am now working at Ernst & Young in Chicago. 

During my sophomore year of college, I attended CJ’s first Alumnae INC event in hopes of finding a summer internship in St. Louis. While Loyola offered many career fairs and resources to find an internship, many of the positions were in Chicago, so I thought INC would be the perfect way to network with professionals in the St. Louis area. Plus, it was great opportunity to visit with CJ teachers and alumnae! 😊

I know career fairs can be overwhelming, but having the career fair at CJ, on my home turf, helped me feel much more comfortable and confident. At the INC event, I met the recruiter for NISA Investment Advisors. We quickly realized that we had quite a lot in common, and he suggested applying for NISA’s market research internship. And guess what…I got the offer! During my internship with NISA, I learned about pension funds and bond trading. The team at NISA taught me the importance of asking questions and using details to see the larger picture. 

Cor Jesu prepared me to succeed academically in college, and thanks to the INC event, Cor Jesu also helped me launch my career. My experience at NISA qualified me for an internship at Ernst & Young the next summer, which then led to my full-time position with Ernst & Young now, in Chicago.

All college-aged CJA alumnae should attend INC! It’s a career fair right at home!