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Caitlyn Gund ‘17 - Krilogy

Caitlyn Gund '15

Krilogy – Intern, Summer 2019

Current Position: Junior at Davidson College, studying economics

I attended the Cor Jesu INC event in January 2019, during my sophomore year at Davidson College where I play field hockey and am studying economics. At the event, I had the opportunity to connect with representatives from Krilogy Financial, a financial services firm that is focused on developing customized wealth management strategies for today’s investor. My conversation led to a summer internship with Krilogy during the summer of 2019.

My internship experience with Krilogy was outstanding and it was all thanks to the Alumnae INC event at Cor Jesu. I was able to gain real-world business experience, while learning about the financial advising industry and the skills necessary to pursue a financial advising career. I cannot thank the Krilogy team and Cor Jesu enough for the opportunity.

I believe INC is an amazing event because it shows how Cor Jesu will always be there to support its alumnae after graduation. It was really cool to intern with Krilogy, too, because I saw a lot of the skills and habits I learned at Cor Jesu come into play in a real job setting. I felt like I was making an impact as an intern, thanks to my Cor Jesu education.

I encourage all CJA college-aged alumnae to attend INC! You won’t regret it!