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Annie Schimpf '19 - Centene Corporation

Annie Schimpf '19

Summer Internship – Centene Corporation
Co-edited by Ella Funke ‘22

In January 2021, I was a sophomore at Illinois College, studying accounting and finance with a minor in economics when I decided to attend Cor Jesu’s INC event. I was unsure which companies would best suit me, so I decided to meet with six different companies, all with an accounting background. After the event, I followed up with each company and applied for an internship position at Centene Corporation. A few weeks later, I received a summer 2021 internship in Centene’s internal audit department. The internship was fully virtual, however, towards the end, I was offered the opportunity to come into the office a few days a week to get a feel for the campus. Overall, the internship was very informative and worthwhile.           

Because I was a sophomore, some companies could not offer me an internship. Thanks to INC, though, I was offered the opportunity to participate in the Discover Anders summer 2021 program with Anders CPAs + Advisors, in addition to securing my summer internship at Centene. During the Discover Anders program, I was virtually met CPAs and other employees of the company. At the end of the program, I was interviewed for an internship and was selected. Now, I plan to intern at Anders CPAs + Advisors in summer 2022.

               My advice would be to attend the INC event and meet with as many companies as possible. You may be surprised by the type of company that expresses interest in you. You may also be surprised at the different opportunities that come from the event such as internships, discover programs, networking events and much more.