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Anne Wilhelm '15 - Centene Corporation

Anne Wilhelm '15

Centene Corporation – Corporate Communications Intern, Summer 2018

Current Position: Communications Associate at a strategic communications agency in New York

During the spring of my junior year at Villanova University, I was very stressed about finding a solid summer internship. A lot of my college friends had secured internships in the fall, while I had been studying abroad in Italy. While I wouldn’t trade the pasta for anything, I came back to the U.S. frantic that I was internship-less. My mom (who works at CJA) encouraged me to try out the Alumnae INC event. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I signed up. 

There were many networking opportunities at the INC event and I managed to connect with the campus relations representative from Centene Corporation. I continuously followed up with her for the next few months, and by April, I received an offer as their corporate communications intern. As a communications major, it was a GREAT opportunity and I learned so much about digital strategy, public relations and effective crisis communication over the four-month period.

I had a fantastic summer at Centene, but I knew that I wanted to stay on the East Coast after I graduated. Therefore, I did not seek full-time opportunities at Centene. However, in January of my senior year, I did not have a full-time offer yet, so I figured I’d reach out to my old team at Centene to see if they had any connections. It turns out, the strategic communications consulting agency that Centene uses is based in New York City! Centene put me in touch with them and I interviewed a few times and finally secured a job offer in March of my senior year. I moved to NYC in June 2019, and have had such a blast living and working here so far. 

I really can’t believe that I can trace my job here in New York City back to Cor Jesu! It’s crazy where networking (and the INC program) can take you. I encourage all college-aged CJA graduates to give it a try. You never know what will happen!