COVID-19 Update

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

Message From Sr. Veronica

Cor Jesu Academy’s top priority is the safety, health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff. We are continuing to monitor information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization and the St. Louis County Health Department regarding the coronavirus. We will share updates on this page as they become available.

May we place our trust in the Lord and ask for guidance, patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty in our world.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in you.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, we believe in your love for us.
Blessed Clelia, pray for us.

Reporting COVID Postitives/Quarantines

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 and/or needs to quarantine because of the diagnosis of someone in her household or for another reason, we ask that a parent email Sr. Veronica Beato ( and Lou Oswald (

Please include (copy and paste) the following information in your email:

Today’s Date:
Student Name:
Is your daughter currently a CJ student athlete?
Date Quarantine began:
Reason for Quarantine:
Date your daughter was tested for COVID-19 (if applicable):
If applicable, did your daughter test positive for COVID-19?
Location of Test, if applicable:
If she was tested, did your daughter test positive for COVID-19?

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated September 9)

Please note that the questions and answers below may change as conditions evolve.  Please check this page for updates and you may contact the main office at 314.842.1546 if you have further questions.

Safety Protocols

List of 19 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Will students, faculty and staff be required to wear masks?

    Yes. Everyone will be required to wear a mask while at Cor Jesu. Masks with writing or logos on them are not permitted.
  • Q: Will students, faculty and staff be screened daily before being allowed into school?

    Families should screen children for fever and symptoms prior to their going to school. We ask you to screen your daughters at home because we do not want them to come to school if they have symptoms. Faculty and staff will also be asked to self-screen before coming to school. You may view information about COVID-19 symptoms here.

    A home screening checklist may be found here
  • Q: My daughter forgot her mask or her mask broke during the school day. Will Cor Jesu have extra masks on hand for those students who forget to bring them or those who need a replacement?

    Yes. Disposable masks will be available from the school office or the school nurse if students either forgot their masks or need a replacement.
  • Q: My daughter cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. Will she be allowed to attend class?

    All students are required to wear masks while at Cor Jesu. If your daughter cannot wear a mask, please contact Sr. Veronica to arrange virtual learning for your daughter.
  • Q: How will Cor Jesu accommodate social distancing in the school?

    ClassroomsDesks have been rearranged to allow 6 feet of spacing between desks.
    Hallways and StairsTraffic will be one-way with signage indicating the flow of traffic is to the right.  Taping has been added to hallways indicating proper social distancing
    Student Commons/LibraryTables in the Student Commons and Library have been equipped with tabletop shields with two students allowed to sit. All other tables will be limited to a single student. Supervision will be provided throughout the day to ensure social distancing is maintained
    BathroomsSignage has been added indicating maximum occupancy and encouraging proper social distancing.
    CafeteriaThe cafeteria tables have been equipped with plexiglass tabletop shields that allow for four students to sit at one table. The auditorium may be used for additional seating during lunch.
    Student Locker BaysAt this time, students will not be given lockers and will not be allowed into the locker bay area.
    Shuttle BusStudents will occupy assigned seats. Students and driver will wear masks. The bus will be disinfected daily.
    Athletic Locker RoomsLocker rooms will have limited access. We will only be allowing 5 girls at a time in each locker room. Athletes will need to keep their face covering on, change and then leave the locker room with all of their belongings.
    Weight RoomFrom 2-6 pm, Monday – Friday, the weight room will only be available to fall athletes under the direction of a coach or our trainer. There will be a limit of 8 people and they must social distance. Anyone using the weight room will be required to sanitize each piece of equipment after use.
  • Q: What measures are Cor Jesu taking to clean the school, especially in common areas, bathrooms and high-traffic areas?

    All areas of the building will be cleaned nightly. In addition, the cleaning crew will disinfect all high-touch areas (bathrooms, bannisters, etc.) four or more times daily. A schedule of times will be maintained. Entrance doors will be opened at the beginning and end of the school day to reduce touching. Air exhaust systems (for pulling air out of building) exist for science labs, art room, library and its rooms, cafeteria, classrooms in the 300s and offices in Tower building, and the entire gymnasium building; these will maximize removal of air in those spaces. HEPA air filtration machines have been placed in small spaces that do not have windows (counselor offices, Student Learning Center, nurse’s room, isolation room).
  • Q: Will visitors be allowed in the school?

    Visitors to the school will be limited and are by appointment only. Masks must be worn to enter the school.
  • Q: What should I do if my daughter needs an early dismissal?

    Parents should park by the Tower Entrance when they arrive at the school and call the school office (314-842-1546) from their car and wait in their car until their daughter leaves the school.
  • Q: Will students be allowed to use drinking fountains?

    Students may use the water bottle fill stations only to fill their water bottles. The fountain mouthpiece will be taped off. Older drinking fountains throughout the school are being replaced with bottle fill station fountains.
  • Q: Will the cafeteria be serving food this year? What measures are being taken to ensure safety and social distancing?

    A limited number of pre-packaged items will be offered. Ava Culinary employees will be following guidelines for taking temperatures, using PPE equipment, disinfecting/sanitizing of work area. The cafeteria tables have been equipped with plexiglass tabletop shields that allow for 4 students to sit at a table. The auditorium may be used for additional seating during lunch. There will be supervision at lunch to enforce social distancing
  • Q: How will Cor Jesu be able to achieve contact tracing?

    Teachers will maintain seating charts in classrooms to identify students in close contact with an affected person. Students will be required to sign out of their study periods to meet with a counselor or teacher or use the library. If a student becomes ill while at school, she will be asked to complete a form to identify where she has been for that day.  There will be assigned seats for those riding the Cor Jesu bus.
  • Q: What will happen if a student, faculty or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

    If an individual within a school building tests positive for COVID-19, Cor Jesu will follow procedures outlined by the health department, including identifying anyone with whom the individual was in contact within a 6-foot space for at least 15 minutes. 

    In accordance with Health Department recommendations, If over 5% of the student body in a building test positive any day, 4% test positive over 2 days in a row or 3% test positive for 3 days in a row, then the building will close for 10 days (percentages are subject to change as more scientific data becomes available).
  • Q: What procedures are in place for handling if a student becomes ill while at school?

    If a student becomes ill at school, she will be evaluated by the school nurse who will follow the School Nurse Algorithm for screening COVID-19 symptoms or exposure prepared by the Washington University Pediatric & Adolescent Ambulatory Research Consortium (WU PAARC). If COVID-19 is a possibility, she will be brought to an isolation room (Chapel Sacristy) and her parents will be contacted to either pick her up or give their permission for her to drive home.
  • Q: If a student, faculty or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, how will families be notified?

    We understand that parents will be concerned if a positive COVID-19 case is reported.  Cor Jesu will support the Department of Heath's efforts for contacting those affected along with contact tracing and enforcing quarantine of those infected and their contacts.  We are prepared to support the continuity of learning from home during quarantine periods.  In the interest of protecting personal privacy, Cor Jesu will not disclose the identity of an individual who has tested positive. As always, we will follow the guidance of the St. Louis County Department of Health in making decisions to close classrooms or divisions, or to quarantine specific groups of students, faculty or staff.
  • Q: What is the protocol if a student has a sibling, parent or other member of her household that has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

    The student cannot attend school for 14 days from the beginning of student’s quarantine from the positive person. The student must have clearance from St. Louis County Department of Public Health if a St. Louis Country resident, or a letter from her physician if she is not a St. Louis County resident. This clearance/letter must be presented to Cor Jesu Academy as a condition of return to school.

    If your daughter is required to quarantine, please notify the school as soon as possible. 
  • Q: If my daughter is too sick to effectively learn from home, what do we do and who do we contact?

    Please contact Sr. Veronica or your daughter’s wellness counselor. They will coordinate with your daughter’s teachers to formulate a plan that will allow your daughter to catch up on any work that was missed while she was ill.
  • Q: If my daughter tests positive for COVID-19 or needs to quarantine, what is the process for reporting her illness?

    We ask you to email Sr. Veronica ( and Lou Oswald, school nurse ( if your daughter tests positive for COVID-19 and/or needs to quarantine because of the diagnosis of someone in your household or for another reason. We will keep this information confidential but do need to know so that we can make the best decisions for the school community.

    Please include (copy and paste) the following information in your email:
    Today’s Date:
    Student Name:
    Is your daughter currently a CJ student athlete?
    Date Quarantine began:
    Reason for Quarantine:
    Date your daughter was tested for COVID-19 (if applicable):
    If applicable, did your daughter test positive for COVID-19?
    Location of Test, if applicable:
    If she was tested, did your daughter test positive for COVID-19?
  • Q: If my daughter has been tested for COVID, may she return to school before receiving test results if she is not experiencing any symptoms?

    No.  Because a person may be asymptomatic and still test positive for COVID, students should remain at home under quarantine until they receive their test results.
  • Q: If my daughter tests positive for COVID-19, when will she be allowed to return to school?

    Cor Jesu is following the recommendations of the CDC and St. Louis County Health Department for returning to school.  Per the current guidelines if your daughter tests positive and is experiencing symptoms she may return after:

    3 days of no fever
    Symptoms are improved
    Approved by the local health department

    If your daughter tests positive and does not have COVID-19 symptoms, she may return after:

    Continued asymptomatic
    10 days have passed since testing postive

    Students may also return if approved to do so by their health care provider.

    Please refer to the St. Louis County Health Department guidelines and contact Sr. Veronica Beato with questions.

School Logistics

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Will classes resume on campus for the 2020-2021 school year?

    Yes.  We will be following the regulations released by St. Louis County as well as the directives of the Heath Department and CDC.
    The plan is to follow a hybrid schedule of courses involving both learning on campus and learning online synchronously at home to allow for social distancing at school. We will begin the school year with half the students coming on campus while the other half remain at home for online learning. Know that we will continue with the hybrid schedule only as long as necessary. Our plan is to increase the number of students physically on campus—up to full capacity—as soon as it is safely possible.
  • Q: Are there any changes to the student drop-off and pick-up procedures?

    Yes.  To avoid cars backing up onto Gravois Road, we've implemented the following changes for student drop-off/pickup:

    • You may use the drop-off/pick-up circle OR you may go past the circular drive and instead head to the first bank of parking spots. (Download Parking Map
    • Please be sure to pull forward as far as you can to allow the maximum amount of students to be dropped off or picked up at one time.
    • If using the first bank of parking spots, exit by going straight (toward the cemetery) and turn left to exit via the East Dr.  If using the circle drive, please continue to exit via the West and Front Drives.
    • Please obey the stop signs on the property and use caution at all times, especially where students are walking and where traffic merges at the intersection of East Dr. and Front Dr.
    • Also use caution when making left turns onto Gravois when exiting CJ's campus. There is no designated turn lane on Gravois Rd. Drivers should NOT make a left turn into eastbound traffic lanes in an attempt to merge into the westbound traffic lanes. 
  • Q: What is the hybrid schedule?

    It is important for the Class of 2024 to meet their teachers, learn their way around the campus, and especially get to know one another. Therefore, all freshmen will be on campus every day for the first two cycles (until August 28). One other class will also be on campus, and the three classes will rotate every two days. After August 28, freshmen will join in the rotation onto campus, with freshman/sophomores on campus for two days and then juniors/seniors on campus for two days.  this allows every student to be in school three days one week and two days the next week.

    The freshman/sophomore and junior/senior classroom assignments can be downloaded below:
    Freshman/Sophomore Hybrid Classroom Assignments
    Junior/Senior Hybrid Classroom Assignments

    Click here to download the regular schedule, special schedule and half-day schedule that will be followed during hybrid learning.
  • Q: What is expected of students on the days they will learning online?

    Attendance at classes is mandatory. Teachers will be taking attendance each period. If a student is not able to attend class, either in person or online, parents should call the school office to report the absence.

    Students are encouraged to create a learning environment by sitting at a desk or table, and should not sit on their bed or lie on the floor Students must dress in their school uniform to help keep their attention and focus on learning.
  • Q: With Cor Jesu following a hybrid schedule, with only some of the grades on campus on a given day, how will mixed classes be handled?

    If a student attends a mixed class, for example, if a junior is enrolled in a class with junior and seniors, she should attend the class in person on the days when the juniors will be on campus and attend the class online on the days when juniors are scheduled to learn from home.
  • Q: My daughter relies on a carpool to get to school. What should she do if her classes are at school on a day when her carpool driver is not required to be at school?

    If your daughter is unable to attend classes on campus, she will be allowed to join online. She will be expected to be in attendance online for all her scheduled class periods and is responsible for all work required during the class or assigned as homework.

    You may also view the Carpool Directory (requires login) to try to find an alternate carpool.
  • Q: Can my daughter enter the school on days when her class isn’t scheduled to be on campus to visit a counselor, go to the Student Learning Center, etc.?

    Students are only allowed to be on campus on their scheduled days.  Students may meet with counselors or Student Learning Center staff remotely via Zoom on the days when they are not scheduled to be on campus.
  • Q: Will the Student Learning Center be open?

    The Student Learning Center will be open. As with all areas of the school, students are required to wear masks and occupancy will be limited to accommodate social distancing.  The Student Learning Center has also reserved tables in the library to work with students.  If a student is learning remotely on a particular day, they can still meet with someone in the Student Learning Center via Zoom.

Career, College and Wellness Center Information

Personal & Wellness Counseling Services

Some words of advice from our personal wellness counselors:

Whether she is in the building or at home for her learning, encourage your daughter to temper her expectations of how much can be done in one sitting. Remind her to stay hydratedmove her bodyget outside, and unplug from social media from time to time. It’s also good for her to do what she can to stay connected socially...this could be through texting, FaceTime, Zoom, HouseParty, whatever works for her!  It’s amazing how much of a difference that can make for all our spirits.   
Additionally, it is okay to acknowledge that, for now, school looks a lot different than it used to.  Help them process their feelings about this or encourage them to come see their wellness counselor. The pandemic has emotionally affected almost everyone to some degree; while it’s okay to normalize this abnormal fact, it is also good to proactively seek support during this challenging time.
Our wellness counselors will be available in their offices for any student who is on campus, and for any students off-campus, they are available to set up Zoom appointments like in the Spring.  Simply email your counselor and let her know you are wishing to set something up.

Laura Gantner
            Class of 2024, L-Z
            Class of 2023, M-Z
            Class of 2022, L-Z
            Class of 2021, L-Z

Cassie Galmiche
            Class of 2024, A-K
            Class of 2023, A-L
            Class of 2022, A-K
            Class of 2021, A-K
Our counselors cannot respond to crisis situations remotely. If you or someone else may be in danger, please use the following resources:

 For mental health crises:
 For domestic abuse/neglect situations:
 MO Department of Mental Health COVID-19 Resources

College Counseling
The college counselors will be working virtually through the fall semester, feel free to contact them via e-mail.  During the first week of classes the college counselors will meet with seniors as a group via Zoom.  After this meeting each senior is required to meet with her college counselor by end of September.  Use the CCW college counseling resource page and read e-mails for up to date college  information.
To schedule meetings or ask further questions, please contact:
Pam Hopkins
            Class of 2024, A-K
            Class of 2023, A-L
            Class of 2022, A-K
            Class of 2021, A-K

Teresa Zielonko
            Class of 2024, L-Z
            Class of 2023, M-Z
            Class of 2022, L-Z
            Class of 2021, L-Z

Career Counseling and Exploration

Due to visit restrictions in place at company offices, the exp3 career exploration program will be suspended for the 2020-21 school year.  In special consideration of our seniors, who will not have a future opportunity to participate in the program, we have asked our exp3 hosts and additional corporate partners to consider serving as a professional resources.  Willing professional participants are currently being compiled into a database which will be kept in the CCW Center.  Seniors interested in making a personal contact within an area of career interest should stop by the CCW Center or request an appointment with Mrs. Wilhelm via Outlook:
As always, students at any grade level are encouraged to contact Mrs. Wilhelm for advice on exploring career opportunities, networking, preparing a resume, sharpening interview skills or pursuing any other professional resources by emailing or stopping by the CCW main office. 

Cor Jesu Contacts

Questions about particular symptoms presented by students or family members should be directed to the family’s primary care physician. 

If you have any questions relating to our policies and procedures, please feel free to contact Principal Sr. Veronica Beato, ASCJ ’74 at or (314) 842-1546 ext. 112 or President Sr. Mary Grace Walsh, ASCJ, Ph.D. at or (314) 842-1546 ext. 111.

For media inquiries, please contact our Director of Marketing and Social Media, Colleen Barry at or (314) 842-4429  ext. 118.

Ways to View Sunday Mass

Here are some ways that you can view Sunday Mass in your home:

WRBU ch. 46 (ION) at 5:30 a.m.
KTVI ch. 2.2 at 9:00 a.m.
AT&T U-Verse ch. 46 (ION) at 8:30 a.m.
Charter ch. 7 (ION) & 79 (ION) at 8:30 a.m.
DirecTV ch. 46 & 305 at 8:30 a.m.
Dish ch. 46 & 216 at 8:30 a.m.
Fox (digital channel only Charter: 88 antenna: 2.2) at 9:00 am
EWTN 7:00 am (live) or 11:00 am (encore)

Many parishes are also live streaming their Masses.  Please check your parish website for details.  You may also stream Sunday and daily Masses from the following sites:

Talking to Children

If you are a parent interested in learning how to speak with your children of varying ages about difficult news, visit the American Psychological Association website for guidance.

Help Support Businesses

We invite you to support businesses owned by alumnae, parents and other members of the CJA community.  Click on the link below to view a list of businesses with CJ connections you may help #ChargeOn during this time.