Testing Information


In October, sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT. The PSAT determines students eligible for National Merit Scholarships. There are PSAT test-prep classes in the fall offered for any student interested in learning about the test and effective testing strategies at Cor Jesu.


It is recommended that students take their first SAT and/or ACT test in the spring of junior year. We recommend taking the SAT and/or ACT 3-4 times by December of senior year.
To find the latest ACT test dates and to register for the ACT go to: http://www.act.org/ 
To find the latest SAT test dates and to register for the SAT go to http://sat.collegeboard.org/home 
Students' standardized test scores (including ACT and SAT) are NOT part of the student's Cor Jesu transcript. It is the responsibility of the student to send her scores directly from the testing agency to the college(s) or university(ies) to which she is applying. Scores may be sent by visiting the testing agencies' websites:

ACT / SAT Online Registration

Cor Jesu's Testing Code or CEEB (used for ACT and SAT registration): 262947

ACT Practice Test and Tips & Prep Classes

There are several different opportunities available at CJ to help students understand the sections of the ACT and learn effective strategies to help them be successful on the test. These classes are available to all interested students. Learn how you can prepare for the ACT test!
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