College & Wellness Programs

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
The Counseling Department includes Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education certified school counselors who serve as College Counselors and Personal & Wellness Counselors dedicated to supporting the Cor Jesu community.  College counselors aid students in college preparation and planning.  In the fall, the department hosts a college fair for all students as well as holding college planning sessions for juniors and their parents.  The department also provides access to more than 100 college representative from across the country.  Naviance, an online program, helps students and their parents navigate the college and career search more easily.  The department also coordinates standardized testing at various grade levels.  Personal and wellness counselors strive to educate the whole person of each individual student and support them on their journey. Each semester, the department hosts a Wellness Presentation on a topic we deem relevant to our community’s current needs.  Previous topics have included depression, anxiety, eating disorders, career planning, financial management, transitions, stress reduction, street drugs, alcohol and the brain, establishing healthy boundaries in relationships, and women’s health issues. Information on these presentations will be disseminated through emails to the students and through the Principal’s Perspective publications.

Programs & Services for All Students

  • College Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Naviance Student Program
  • Individual Counseling
  • Student Meetings
  • Grade Level Meeting with Parents
  • Personal Counseling
  • Wellness Speakers
  • Transfer Student Lunch Program
  • Crisis Intervention and Referrals
  • Parent and/or Teacher Liaison
  • Course Advisement and Registration
  • Career Day(alternate years)
  • On-campus Visits by College Reps
  • Testing and Assessment(ACT, PSAT and Naviance Career Planner)
  • Monthly Articles in,Principal’s Perspective
  • College Kickoff

Programs & Services Offered By Grade Level

~ Freshmen ~

Transition program:
• Orientation Day
• Level meeting with Freshman parents
• Individual meetings with Personal and Wellness Counselors
Wellness presentations that have included transition, self-esteem and healthy relationships
College planning:
  • Introduction to Naviance
  • College campus visit
  • Access to 100-plus visiting college reps
  • Evening college planning meeting for parents and students

~ Juniors ~

Standardized PSAT testing, including group interpretation of results
College planning:
  • College Kickoff Night: College fair and college planning sessions for parents and students
  • Individualized college-counseling session with student and parent(s)
  • Further exploration of Naviance
  • College campus visit
  • Access to 100-plus visiting college reps
Wellness presentations that have included reducing stress, career inventories and drug and alcohol education and prevention

~ Sophomores ~

Standardized PSAT testing, including group interpretation of results
Wellness presentations that have included nutrition, safe driving, stress and depression, drug and alcohol education and prevention and bystander intervention
College planning:
  • Further exploration of Naviance Student
  • College campus visit
  • Access to 100-plus visiting college reps
  • Evening college planning meeting for parents and students

~ Seniors ~

Standardized testing for October ACT (school test site)
College process:
  • Individualized college-counseling appointments
  • Electronic submission of applications
  • Online Scholarship Search
  • Access to 100-plus visiting college reps
Senior/Alumnae Panel
Interviewing Workshop for Senior Class
Wellness presentations that have included women’s health issues, alumnae college experience, personal safety and transition issues