Teams & Tryouts

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
Through sports, our students strive for their personal best and learn to succeed by working as a team. Cor Jesu offers the following team sports:

Fall Sports

Cross Country  •  Field Hockey  •  Golf  •  Softball  •  Tennis  •  Volleyball
Fall Sports begin August 10, 2020

Winter Sports

Basketball  •  Cheerleading  •  Swimming
Basketball begins November 2, 2020
Swimming and Diving begins November 9, 2020

Spring Sports

Lacrosse  •  Soccer  •  Track & Field
Spring Sports begin March 1, 2021 


Any returning student athlete grades 10th-12th need to create an account on PRIVIT at   If you have a new physical for 2020, you can upload it to your PRIVIT account.  If the 2019 MSHSAA physical on file at Cor Jesu is good for 2 years, the athletic department staff will upload them in August.  

New! Important Information Concerning COVID-19

Requirements for fall sports tryouts and participation are changing frequently due to the COVID-19 virus.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate these ever-changing conditions.  Please be considerate of the athletic staff and coaches working with your daughters.

Fall tryouts are still scheduled to begin on August 10.  We will be screening athletes each day before practice. Each program has their own location to conduct this screening. Changes specific to each individual sport are listed in the tryouts section further down on this page. Please take the time to read through the updates.

A few notes:

  • You can not drink directly from water fountains at school. You will need to bring a water bottle. It can be refilled from the refilling station on the water fountains.
  • You must have a face covering when you are checking in and screening, and keep the face covering on after screening until your coach tells you it is ok to remove it. We are requiring that athletes wear a neck gator during practice and games. I have ordered red and white neck gators that can be purchased for $6. Those will be worn during competition but can also be used for practice. I hope to have them at school by Monday, but to be safe we ask that you have one to wear on Monday. You will need more than 1 to get through the season. This will eliminate the mask being taken on and off and set down and put back on. Any time an athlete is not active in a drill they will pull their gator up to cover their mouth and nose.
  • We also expect athletes to maintain 6 feet of social distancing before, during and after practice, unless they are physically active in a drill.
  • Locker rooms will have limited access. We will only be allowing 5 girls at a time in each locker room. Athletes will need to keep their face covering on, change and then leave the locker room with all of their belongings.
  • From 2-6 pm, Monday – Friday, the weight room will only be available to fall athletes under the direction of a coach or our trainer. There will be a limit of 8 people and they must social distance. You must wipe down each piece of equipment after you use it.
  • Our trainer will also be limiting the number of people in the training room. No one who isn’t being treated by her should be in the room. Basic self-help items like band aids will be available outside of the training room door. Email Veronica at if you have questions or concerns.
  • We will screen each athlete before each practice, but it is important to understand that screening doesn’t translate to being at no risk. For sports to continue and not have a team shut down and be quarantined, it is important that participants are making good choices away from school. You should not be attending or hosting parties/gatherings of large groups that increase your risk of exposure. Wear your facial covering any time you are around other people, including in the car if you are carpooling with other student athletes or non-family members.
  • Hand washing, cleaning your reusable mask or gator, using hand sanitizer, and taking a shower as soon as you get home are all practices that need to be done.

It It is important that everyone is knowledgeable of the symptoms. If you have any of them you must stay home from school and do not attend practice. Coming to practice and then finding out you have tested positive could result in your entire team be suspended from play for 2 weeks. Below is a list of the symptoms you should be screening yourself for before you come to school or practice each day. 
  • Temperature check (Fever greater than 100.4)
  • New or worsening cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of smell and/or taste
  • Nasal congestion
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • You have a household member or close contact who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks.

Fall Tryouts

Fall Tryouts begin on August 10th. On August 10th all sports tryout participants must check in at Cor Jesu in the commons before going to the tryout. Screning information is listed for each individual sport. Tryouts are a minimum of 3 days and are typically completed by Friday of the first week. After tryouts are complete, practices continue Mondays – Fridays and some weekend days until the season is complete. Athletes are expected to be at all practices and contests for all of our sports teams. Any student athlete that makes a Cor Jesu team is required to attend a rules meeting with their parents each year. The fall rules meeting will be done virtually this year. This will be done after tryouts are complete. If you have any questions about a specific sport tryout, please contact the head coach or the Athletic Director, Liz Biedenstein, at Please make sure you have a water bottle with you each day.

Cross Country

Email Coach Katie ( for a summer training packet.
The Cor Jesu Cross Country team will begin practicing on Monday, August 10 and as XC is a MSHSAA sanctioned high school sport, a serious commitment is required. Although cuts are not made based on speed/ability or race performance results, retention on the team will be based on attitude, sportsmanship, effort, and reliability.
-       Make sure you’re well hydrated when you come to practice
-       Bring a water bottle
-       Wear a watch to keep track of your time
-       Returning runners bring their summer running logs the first day
Practice will be held 4:00 – 5:30 PM,* Monday – Friday
Monday, Aug. 10 @ Cor Jesu (check in student commons 3:30)
Tuesday, Aug. 11 @ Cor Jesu
Wednesday, Aug. 12 @ White Cliff Park
Thursday, Aug. 13 @ Cor Jesu
Friday, Aug. 14 @ Minnie Ha Ha Park
*If the heat index is predicted to be high at 4p, practice mayl be moved back to 6p.
Starting with WEEK 2, weekly schedule of practice locations will be distributed on Sundays
Key Contacts: 

Katie Helbig, Head Coach
Cell: 314-591-0121
John Monda, Assistant Coach
Cell: 314-239-2445
COVID-19 Update: No changes to practice times.  The team will be divided into groups that will be spaced on the front field. Screenings will be done outside the entrance to the auditorium starting at 3:45. Participants should check in with the athletic department in the commons before going to screening to make sure they have all of their paperwork complete.

Field Hockey

Students should, check in in the commons 30 minutes before the tryout on Monday. Participants should bring a water bottle, cleats, shin guards, a mouth guard and regular tennis shoes each day. Bring your stick and eye wear if you have one. We do have some to loan out for tryout week. During the tryout, participants should write or pin their last name onto the back of their shirt.

COVID-19 Update:
3:15-5:15 V/JV (this group will be split into 3 different groups in 3 separate locations on the field)
5:30-7:00 Freshman (this group will be split into 2 groups)
Freshman are welcome to try out for the JV/V slot and would then not need to come to both JV/V and Freshmen
Make sure you have enough water. We will not be using refillable jugs on the field.
Cleats cannot be worn in the school building. Make sure you come to tryouts in different shoes and put your cleats on when you get outside.
Screening plan for Field Hockey:
-Meet in the commons 15 minutes before your tryout time for screening
-Two lines: Fresh/Soph & Jun/Seniors, two coaches will be working with each line, one doing temps and questions and one documenting info
-Players will then be sent out to the field to find an “x” to put their stuff on and sit on


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday tryouts will be at 4pm at Paradise Valley front nine.
Thursday will be at 4pm at Riverside par 3. Participants will play a nine hole round each day. On Monday, check in at Cor Jesu at least 30 minutes before you go to the course Bring water in addition to your clubs each day.

COVID-19 Update: 
No change to the tryout plans posted.   On Monday screening will be done by Liz Biedenstein at Cor Jesu in the commons when participants come to check in before going to tryouts.   The rest of the week screening will be done at the course by coach Tueth until school starts.  


On Monday, check in in the commons 30 minutes before the start of the tryout. Tryouts will be held from 3:30-5 Monday-Friday at Affton Athletic Association.

COVID-19 Update: 
No change to tryout time. Check in in the commons with the athletic department and then proceed to AAA for screening by the coaches. Make sure you bring enough water. We will not be using a jug. Cleats cannot be worn in the school building. Make sure you come to tryouts in different shoes and put your cleats on when you get outside.


COVID-19 Update:
Tryouts for Varsity and JV will be held at Dwight Davis in Forest Park as follows:
Monday 8/10:  
                            4-5 PM - Freshman and Sophomores (Check in at CJA 3:15-3:30PM)
                            5-6 PM - Juniors and Seniors (Check in at CJA 4:15-4:30PM)
Tuesday 8/11:  Match times will be assigned during 4-6PM time window.
Wednesday 8/12:  Match times will be assigned during 4-6PM time window.
Thursday 8/13:  If needed, additional match times will be assigned during 4-6 PM time window, otherwise 4-6PM practice.
Friday 8/14:  If needed, additional match times will be assigned during 4-6 PM time window, otherwise 4-6PM practice.
All participants are expected to know how to play and score a singles match.
Please wear a mask when you arrive at Dwight Davis (masks will be required at all times you are not playing on the courts).  Each student will have their temperature checked and will be asked screening questions on site.
Please remember to bring sufficient water in an insulated water bottle.  Refills will not be available and if water bottles are not insulated, the water can get very hot on the courts.


COVID-19 Update:
The athletes trying out for volleyball will be sent an email to their school email address specifying the time of their tryout. After the participants check in on Monday with the athletic department in the commons, they will be screened by the coaches at the top of the steps heading down to the gym floor. Volleyball players will not be allowed to leave their bags in the locker room this year. They will have to bring their bag to and from school each day. Please make sure you have a water bottle. You can fill it at school but you can not drink directly from the water fountain. You will be expected to have a neck gator on and be putting it over your mouth and nose during practice when you are not in a drill.

More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Athletic Director Liz Biedenstein at or 314.842.4429, ext. 114.