Sports Calendar

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Parents can sign up to receive notifications through their Cor Jesu login.  Parents can view team pages viewing their daugther's group page list.
Due to inclement weather or other conditions, there may be last-minute schedule and/or venue changes in athletic events.  Please click the link below for the most up-to-date game information.

How to Subscribe to Arbiter for Cor Jesu Game Updates

1. Navigate to

2.  In the search box type in Cor Jesu and click the "Search" Button.

3. Select "Cor Jesu Academy" from the search results.

4. Click on the team you wish to follow.  You will be taken to the team page.  In the upper-right hand corner, click on the "Follow Team" button.  A pop-up window will be displayed.  At this point you will need to create an account.  Click the sign-up link.  You will need to fill in the boxes for First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password and Password Again.  You will use this account information each time you sign in to Arbiter.

5. After creating an account, you will be taken back to the team page.  You can elect to receive either text or email alerts.  You can be notified for schedule changes for games and/or practices and you can sign up to receive reminders.  You can also receive an iCal link to import the games into your calendar. If you select the iCal option, you will receive an email with an iCal link with instructions on how import the link into you calendar.

6. You can follow any or all Cor Jesu teams, but you must repeat the above process for each team you want to monitor.

7. Tournament information and brackets are now being uploaded to Arbiter.   You can access these attached documents by clicking on the tournament on the Arbiter calendar.