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Cor Jesu Academy


CJ athletes compete in Field Hockey

As an integral part of the Cor Jesu Academy educational mission, the Athletic Department's number-one priority is to enhance the Cor Jesu students' Christian values.

The values of teamwork, leadership, work ethic, respect, accountability, perseverance and self-control are among the many Christian values that the Athletic Department staff strive to instill in Cor Jesu student athletes.

We hope that the development of these values today will empower the young women we teach and impact their lives and the lives of others they encounter in their future.

Contact Us

Athletics Director

Liz Biedenstein 
314.842.4429, ext. 114

Assistant Athletics Directors

Rachel Brcic 
314.842.4429, ext. 257

Lydia Novas
314.842.4429, ext. 173

Athletics Trainer

Athletics Director Liz Biedenstein

Assistant Athletic Director Rachel Brcic

Assistant Athletic Director Lydia Novas

Courage, and go forward with constancy along the way of good.

-Blessed Clelia Merloni