Charism Connection

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"

“How has the foundation of faith you experienced at Cor Jesu helped to influence the rest of your life?”

As students of Cor Jesu, we have the opportunity to serve others – through organized school events, senior service projects and through individual volunteer programs. We are encouraged to go out into the community to serve as the heart and hands of Christ, living the Cor Jesu mission by serving others in need. So many of our alumnae continue to participate in community related service programs throughout their lives and they have shared their stories below.
We would love to hear YOUR story of service! To share how your foundation of faith continues to influence your life, please contact Director of Alumnae Relations, Patty Ferrara ’85,

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  • Beth O'Connell Lauver '99

    Cor Jesu had a tremendous impact on my faith, and I will be forever grateful to the sisters, faculty, staff and my fellow students for giving me that opportunity. I still end every prayer with "Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You"...
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  • Claire Krieg Applewhite ’73

    My education at Cor Jesu was “other” oriented through activities such as fund-raising, student council and theater productions. But, just as vital was the sense of community and personal responsibility for the well-being of classmates...
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  • Ellen Schroeder, '06

    "A foundation of faith... Returning home from my senior service project at Clelian Heights School for Developmentally Disabled in Pennsylvania, I was asked to reflect on my experience and give witness in religion class. I remember my stories of how being with people with developmental disabilities encouraged in me the slow process by which my thinking,"I'm no good," became "I am actually very good. God made me so."...
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  • Emily Kuhn ’95

    Besides the various activities that made me socially and politically active as a Cor Jesu student, my senior service hours at a retirement home really opened my eyes to serving the needs of others...
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  • Jennie Huck Picha ’90

    "One thing I clearly remember [from our high school days] is the sense of family at Cor Jesu. This Cor Jesu family extended itself by reaching out to include those less fortunate than the CJA community..."
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  • Kate Ellerbrake ’04

    "Although I spent my entire academic life in the Catholic school system, it was not until I arrived at Cor Jesu that faith became an integral part of my daily life..."
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  • Lisa Handte Slama ’86

    "I thank God every day for the attitude of service that I learned at Cor Jesu. There were so many opportunities presented to us. For the first time, I saw that service could take me outside of my school and parish, and it was possible to help others in real need..."
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  • Rachael Deves Thurman ’06

    "Cor Jesu presented me with abundant [service] opportunities both big and small. For years, I felt that the only service worthwhile was the kind in which I was able to make a noticeable, observable difference..."
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  • Rachel Plassmeyer ‘06

    Where to start…My most professional answer to the “Charism Connection” focus question about the foundation of faith I received from my experience at Cor Jesu would go something like this: “Cor Jesu instilled an undyingly strong relationship with Christ, upon which my interest in service grew...
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  • Shannon Whitney ’07

    This past May, I went on a Christian Medical and Dental mission trip to El Salvador. As a journalism student, I was the trip photographer, and each night I posted our incredible ministry to the blog that I created...
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