Alumnae Stories

"Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ"
Can't decide if INC is right for you?  Read the stories below as alumnae share their experiences from the INC program. Don't miss the opportunity to meet with fellow alumnae, polish your resume, meet with industry representatives and pursue internship opportunities.

INC 2020 is January 7th!  Registration for alumnae opens on September 16.

Claire Tiffin '19 - June Jessee Memorial Foundation

June Jessee Memorial Foundation – Intern, Summer 2020
Current Position: Intern, June Jessee Memorial Foundation
My name is Claire Tiffin, and I am currently a junior at the University of Arkansas where I am studying social work and communications. In January 2020, I was home from college on Christmas break and decided to attend Cor Jesu’s Alumnae Internship Networking Connections (INC) event because I wanted to explore the opportunities available at the event in the non-profit sector, as I hope to make a career of working to support my community. While at INC, I was able to speak with different non-profit organizations, but the one that caught my attention the most was the June Jessee Memorial Foundation (JJMF). JJMF is the only non-profit organization in the United States that solely works to aid children with undiagnosed neurological conditions and their families in the St. Louis area and beyond. I was very interested in this work and liked that the internship available with JJMF would allow me to work closely with the founders of the organization. 

After INC, I was fortunate to be offered the summer internship with JJMF. Because of the Covid-19 virus, I did all of my work from home, which included pulling together Month of June Care Packages, data and resource management, running fundraisers, researching grant opportunities, and more. I loved working from home and knowing that the work I was doing for the Foundation was making a difference in people’s lives. I even get to continue working for JJMF now that I’m back in school at Arkansas! Working for the June Jessee Memorial Foundation has taught me a lot about what goes on behind-the-scenes of a non-profit, and I’m inspired every day by my co-workers and the lengths they go to best serve the people we work with. Without INC, this opportunity would not have been possible, and I am so grateful that I attended the event last January!

Natalie Hoppe '16 - Express Scripts

Express Scripts – Intern, Summer 2019; hired full-time in Summer 2020
Current Position: Sales Coordinator Senior Analyst at Express Scripts
I graduated from Mizzou this past May (2020) with a Bachelor of Journalism and a minor in business. In hopes of finding an internship or a full-time job, I attended Cor Jesu’s Alumnae Internship Networking Connections (INC) event during both my junior and senior years of college.
My junior year, I met a representative from Express Scripts, which led me to an internship with the company that summer (2019). I worked with Express Scripts’ Corporate Communications team and made many great connections. Senior year I attended the INC event again – hopeful that I would get the opportunity to interview with a company for a full-time position. I connected with Express Scripts again, and now hold a full-time job as a Sales Coordinator Senior Analyst with the company, and it is all because of the connections I made from my internship.
If it weren’t for the CJA INC event, I would have never had these opportunities that helped shape my future. Cor Jesu helped prepare me for college in several ways. It taught me the fundamentals of how to be a successful student, and the INC event was another gift from CJA because it supported me even after I graduated. My career has been launched because of the INC event and we are so lucky as alumnae to have this opportunity at our fingertips. I encourage all of Cor Jesu’s college-aged alumnae, and recent college graduates, to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Liz Schimpf '16 - Express Scripts

Express Scripts – Tax Accounting Intern, Summer 2019
Current Position: Tax Accounting Senior Analyst at Express Scripts
{Liz is on the far right of the photo, wearing sunglasses}

In January 2019, when I was a junior at Columbia College, I attended Cor Jesu’s Alumnae Internship Networking (INC) event. I was very anxious because I hadn’t landed an internship yet, so I felt like I was behind. At the time, I was working on a double major in accounting and finance, so I went into the event thinking I would land a position with a CPA firm. At the event, I mainly talked to the CPA firms that were present, however, looking back, I recommend that attendees talk with many different companies – you do not want to limit your opportunities!
It ended up that some employees from the tax department at Express Scripts were present at the event. Although I did not actually visit their booth, I received an email after the event stating that they were looking to fill one more internship position on their tax team. I jumped on the opportunity and was hired to intern there during the Summer of 2019.
Luckily, the internship was in St. Louis, so I was able to stay close to home while still experiencing a professional office setting. If it hadn’t been for the Cor Jesu INC event, I probably would have never even considered working at Express Scripts. And as a result of this internship, I was hired full-time as a Tax Accounting Senior Analyst when I graduated in May 2020! I owe all of this to the connections I made through Cor Jesu’s INC Event and I will forever be grateful that I decided to attend.
I highly encourage all current college-aged CJA alumnae and recent graduates to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to connect with employers and practice vital skills such as networking, interviewing, and being professional!

Anne Wilhelm '15 - Centene Corporation

Anne Wilhelm '15 in New York City
Centene Corporation – Corporate Communications Intern, Summer 2018
Current Position: Communications Associate at a strategic communications agency in New York

During the spring of my junior year at Villanova University, I was very stressed about finding a solid summer internship. A lot of my college friends had secured internships in the fall, while I had been studying abroad in Italy. While I wouldn’t trade the pasta for anything, I came back to the U.S. frantic that I was internship-less. My mom (who works at CJA) encouraged me to try out the Alumnae INC event. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I signed up. 
There were many networking opportunities at the INC event and I managed to connect with the campus relations representative from Centene Corporation. I continuously followed up with her for the next few months, and by April, I received an offer as their corporate communications intern. As a communications major, it was a GREAT opportunity and I learned so much about digital strategy, public relations and effective crisis communication over the four-month period.
I had a fantastic summer at Centene, but I knew that I wanted to stay on the East Coast after I graduated. Therefore, I did not seek full-time opportunities at Centene. However, in January of my senior year, I did not have a full-time offer yet, so I figured I’d reach out to my old team at Centene to see if they had any connections. It turns out, the strategic communications consulting agency that Centene uses is based in New York City! Centene put me in touch with them and I interviewed a few times and finally secured a job offer in March of my senior year. I moved to NYC in June 2019, and have had such a blast living and working here so far. 
I really can’t believe that I can trace my job here in New York City back to Cor Jesu! It’s crazy where networking (and the INC program) can take you. I encourage all college-aged CJA graduates to give it a try. You never know what will happen! 

Maria Zak '16 - Hastings & Chivetta

Maria Zak with H+C Interns H+C staff at their new office building
Maria Zak ’16
Hastings & Chivetta   – Marketing Intern, Summer 2017, 2018 & 2019
Current Position: Senior at Truman State University
I attended Cor Jesu’s first Alumnae INC event in January of my freshman year of college. I was eager to network with professionals and learn about their internship offerings. Little did I know, a simple, friendly conversation with a recruiter from Hastings+Chivetta Architects (H+C) would lead to a marketing internship position that I hold to this day as a senior in college.
I began my freshman year, in the Fall of 2016, at Truman State University as a Business Administration and Spanish double major, so I was thrilled to be offered the marketing internship at H+C after meeting their recruiters at the INC event. Over the past few years working at H+C, I’ve found an inspiring group of professionals who care about my personal success and have helped me grow as a marketing professional and team player. They’ve challenged me to be resourceful in learning new things, ultimately making a positive impact on the firm.
Now, in my senior year at Truman, my goal is to work in bilingual marketing and sales – a passion fueled by the extensive marketing and business development experience I gained at H+C, and a 17-year love affair learning Spanish. Thanks to the connection I made in the Cor Jesu Commons at the INC event, I gained an invaluable internship opportunity that has jumpstarted my career as a marketing professional.
I really hope all current college-aged Chargers attend INC this year. It will be worth it!

Shannon Turner '15 - Centene Corporation

Shannon Turner '15 at Centene
Centene Corporation – Financial Planning & Analysis Department Intern, Summer 2018
Current Position: Financial Analyst at Centene Corporation
I attended the Alumnae INC event my junior year of college. I was studying Finance at Mizzou and decided I wanted to try to find a summer experience that was geared toward my major. I was seeking advice from people in the industry and it was actually my friend from Cor Jesu’s dad, who works in public finance at Stifel Nicolaus, who encouraged me to go to the INC event at CJ. It wound up that quite a few financial firms were going to be at the event, so I signed up.
At INC, I made connections with Edward Jones, Centene Corporation and NISA Investment Advisors. It was great! And ultimately, thanks to the event, I ended up with a summer internship in the Financial Planning & Analysis Department at Centene.
My internship was excellent. I really enjoyed the team I worked with and the work was challenging. I explained monthly variances for corporate departments and worked on reports for the CEO and the CFO – all as just an intern! I loved going to work knowing that I was really contributing to the company. I enjoyed it so much that when they offered me a full-time job for after graduation, I happily accepted.
I began full-time at Centene in June 2019 as a Financial Analyst, and it is all thanks to INC. Because of INC and the internship experience at Centene, I went through my entire senior year of college knowing that I had a job after graduation. It was such a relief. I encourage all CJA alumnae to attend INC for a few reasons:
  1. It could lead to an internship and even a full-time job.
  2. Networking is NEVER a waste of time. Even if you don’t find something that interests you or get an internship/job, you will make connections that will be useful down the road.
  3. There are workshops available if you don’t have as much experience networking that are very beneficial.
  4. Headshots! You will receive a professional headshot and those are SO important. You need one. You absolutely need a professional headshot. 100%.
There is no doubt in my mind that if I had chosen to lay on the couch that day on winter break as opposed to attending the INC event, I would not be where I am today. So definitely attend INC this year!

Annie Evola '18 - BKD

BKD – Intern, Spring 2021
Ernst & Young — Intern, Summer 2021
I graduated from Cor Jesu in 2018 and am currently a junior at Saint Louis University. I will graduate in the Spring of 2022 with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting.
I attended the Alumnae Internship Networking Connections (INC) event for the first time my freshmen year and again my sophomore year of college. My hope was to find a summer internship, but to also make connections and get my name out in the accounting world. Both years, I connected with three different accounting firms: BKD, Anders CPAs + Advisors, and Brown Smith Wallace.
Because of the connections I made at INC, I had the opportunity to participate in Anders’ and BKD’s summer leadership programs after my sophomore year. After participating in both programs, I received offers for spring tax internships with BOTH firms. I accepted BKD’s offer and I will start my internship in January 2021.
I am so grateful that I attended INC because it helped me make multiple connections as well as kickstart my professional career in a setting that was familiar to me, aka: CJA.
I think all Cor Jesu college-aged alumnae should attend INC because it is a great opportunity to get your name out there and meet as many people in the professional world as possible. You never know who you might talk to and who they also might know. One of the BKD representatives at INC, ended up being a client of my brother’s. The rep reached out to me weeks later to extend the offer for the summer leadership program. Had I not attended INC, I might not have connected with that particular person, who led me to the leadership program.
For now, I will begin my tax internship with BKD in January, while finishing my spring semester at SLU. Over the summer, I will work as an audit intern at Ernst & Young – an internship I landed thanks to other networking events at SLU. So be sure to go out and network!

Maureen Ryan '16 - SSM Health Rehabilitation Network

SSM Health Rehabilitation Network – Student Therapy Extern position at St. Charles Acute Hospital at St. Joseph’s Health Center
Current Position: Student Therapy Extern (started May 2020 and continues to work during graduate school breaks)
I graduated from Rockhurst University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minors in Psychology and Business. I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in hopes of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Because my career goal requires a master’s degree, I knew that finding a full-time summer position related to my field upon graduation would be difficult or impossible. I had accepted the reality that I would spend another summer working an unrelated job.
Even accepting that reality, I figured, it couldn’t hurt to attend and network at the Cor Jesu Alumnae Internship Networking Connections (INC) event last January (2020). I hoped that maybe by attending I could land some type of more professional position or internship, even if it didn’t relate to my field of study. It was a pleasant surprise when one of the recruiters read my resume prior to the event and reached out to me to express her interest in hiring me – all before attending the event! She was a recruiter for SSM Health Rehabilitation Network and informed me of a position within their acute therapy department that was perfect for graduate students.
Because she had reached out early, when I arrived at the INC event, we were already familiar with each other. We had been communicating through emails and I was then able to meet her in person at INC and discuss the application process. Ultimately, I was hired as a Therapy Extern for SSM St. Joseph Hospital and worked full-time last summer (2020) in the acute rehabilitation department. I had the opportunity to assist physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists in rehabilitation sessions, and I gained a comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of acute therapy. It was exactly the hands-on learning opportunity I was hoping for and I finally felt accomplished for acquiring a personally and professionally meaningful summer job.
Because of this position, I feel more prepared for my career. I had the opportunity to learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom, such as how to conduct myself professionally and appropriately in a hospital setting while providing thoughtful and empathetic care.
This position is perfect for me during graduate school because I can still work at the hospital during school breaks, and ultimately, this job will provide the opportunity for me to interview for a full-time acute rehabilitation SLP position when I graduate from grad school. I am so thankful for the INC event and know I would not have been able to land this opportunity if it was not for the networking provided by Cor Jesu.

Kathleen Magee '17 - Clark-Fox Family Foundation

Clark-Fox Family Foundation – Intern, Summer 2020
Current Position: Intern at the Clark-Fox Family Foundation
Currently, I am a senior at Creighton University majoring in American Studies and English, with a minor in Digital Humanities. I attended the 2020 Alumnae Internship Networking (INC) event during my junior year of college because I wanted to find an internship with a non-profit that did work to help people in the St. Louis area.
At INC, I met with the Clark-Fox Family Foundation, which is a non-profit that supports the growth and prosperity of the St. Louis metropolitan region through research, program development and investments in PK-12, higher education, public health, immigration, social justice and racial equity, community leadership, and entrepreneurship. I established a great connection with them and they reached out to me in the Spring of 2020 to see if I was interested in working as an intern over the summer (which I was) and I was hired for the Summer of 2020.
At Clark-Fox, I primarily worked on creating an interactive map showing Black-owned businesses in St. Louis for an organization called “For the Culture STL” to use on their website. The map now has close to 20,000 views!
Although I was working from home, I still built strong connections with the folks at Clark-Fox and was able to do work that I was proud of. Because of this internship, I am positive that I want to continue to do public service work and create programs that help people. I’m really glad that I decided to attend INC because it led to a really incredible internship experience that helped me establish really great professional relationships. It also gave me confidence in knowing exactly what career path I am interested in pursuing. I will also continue interning for Clark-Fox over my Christmas break this year!

Julia Schweizer '15 - NISA Investment Advisors

Julia Schweizer '15 Julia Schweizer at Ernst&Young
NISA Investment Advisors   – Intern, Summer 2016
Current Position: Accountant at Ernst & Young
I graduated from Cor Jesu in 2015 and this past year, I graduated with a Master’s in accounting and business data analytics from Loyola University Chicago. I am now working at Ernst & Young in Chicago. 
During my sophomore year of college, I attended CJ’s first Alumnae INC event in hopes of finding a summer internship in St. Louis. While Loyola offered many career fairs and resources to find an internship, many of the positions were in Chicago, so I thought INC would be the perfect way to network with professionals in the St. Louis area. Plus, it was great opportunity to visit with CJ teachers and alumnae! 😊
I know career fairs can be overwhelming, but having the career fair at CJ, on my home turf, helped me feel much more comfortable and confident. At the INC event, I met the recruiter for NISA Investment Advisors. We quickly realized that we had quite a lot in common, and he suggested applying for NISA’s market research internship. And guess what…I got the offer! During my internship with NISA, I learned about pension funds and bond trading. The team at NISA taught me the importance of asking questions and using details to see the larger picture. 
Cor Jesu prepared me to succeed academically in college, and thanks to the INC event, Cor Jesu also helped me launch my career. My experience at NISA qualified me for an internship at Ernst & Young the next summer, which then led to my full-time position with Ernst & Young now, in Chicago.
All college-aged CJA alumnae should attend INC! It’s a career fair right at home!

Katherine Tarlas '15 - World Pediatric Project

Katherine Tarlas '15 Katherine Tarlas '15
World Pediatric Project – Development & Special Events Intern, Summer 2017
Current Position: Associate on Video Investment at Spark Foundry (advertising agency in Chicago)
I am extremely grateful for the Alumnae INC event at Cor Jesu. After briefly reading about it during my sophomore year at the University of Dayton, I told myself that I didn’t want to go and that I probably wouldn’t get anything out of it. Boy was I wrong!
As I was approaching my junior year, I knew it was important to find an internship and gain any experience I could. I eventually decided to give the INC event a try, and I am so grateful because it led to a career experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.
As I walked around and spoke with each company, World Pediatric Project (WPP) caught my attention. They were taking applications for the Development and Special Events Internship, which was right up my alley. WPP is a non-profit organization that brings children to St. Louis from low-resource countries in order to get the medical care they need that may not be available for them at home. I inquired further and met the women who were representing the organization at the event – they were both Cor Jesu graduates, which was such a bonus!
I applied and interviewed and received an offer for the internship during the Summer of 2017, right before my junior year of college. As part of my internship in development and special events, I had to plan and host my own third-party event to fundraise for WPP. I decided to host a “paint and sip” event that included a silent auction. I worked on the planning and advertising for this event all summer and it turned out to be a great success! I introduced many new people to WPP and lots of them still have a relationship with the organization in some way. 
I learned so much during my time at WPP and it all circles back to Cor Jesu hosting the INC event for alumnae in college. Without this event, I wouldn’t have been introduced to this incredible organization or the people who are involved.
I graduated from the University of Dayton with a bachelor’s in communications and public relations in May 2019, and recently landed a full-time position as an Associate on Video Investment at Spark Foundry, an advertising agency in Chicago. Having the experience at WPP was a HUGE advantage as I went through the interview process. Many firms were very impressed with my experience at WPP and I believe it will truly help me succeed as I embark on my full-time career. Not to mention, I have kept a relationship up with WPP and love to volunteer there any time I am home. I’m so grateful I attended the INC event and I encourage everyone to attend. Just try it out! You won’t regret it!

Caitlyn Gund ‘17 - Krilogy

Caitlyn Gund '17
Krilogy – Intern, Summer 2019
Current Position: Junior at Davidson College, studying economics
I attended the Cor Jesu INC event in January 2019, during my sophomore year at Davidson College where I play field hockey and am studying economics. At the event, I had the opportunity to connect with representatives from Krilogy Financial, a financial services firm that is focused on developing customized wealth management strategies for today’s investor. My conversation led to a summer internship with Krilogy during the summer of 2019.
My internship experience with Krilogy was outstanding and it was all thanks to the Alumnae INC event at Cor Jesu. I was able to gain real-world business experience, while learning about the financial advising industry and the skills necessary to pursue a financial advising career. I cannot thank the Krilogy team and Cor Jesu enough for the opportunity.
I believe INC is an amazing event because it shows how Cor Jesu will always be there to support its alumnae after graduation. It was really cool to intern with Krilogy, too, because I saw a lot of the skills and habits I learned at Cor Jesu come into play in a real job setting. I felt like I was making an impact as an intern, thanks to my Cor Jesu education.
I encourage all CJA college-aged alumnae to attend INC! You won’t regret it!